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Indeed :)

Hi, I got a Mac build :)

Thanks in advance!

Hi, thanks in advance! :)

Thanks in advance! :)
Thanks in advance! :)


Why didn't you just rollback your commit?

Hope you enjoy :)

Here is the post mortem, if you're interested :)

Cool aesthetics, but it's a bit frustrating that I have to listen to all the dialog every time I restart the level.But most importantly I think that the isometric view is not really fitting for a platformer :\ It's hard to navigate, and basically I have to constantly watch the shadows to get some kind of depth, but they are only visible when I'm over a platform.

Nice entry anyway!

I don't really have much time, so I can't really rate a lot and I don't want to be left out just because I rated only 19 games.

For some reason we got only 2 :\

Thanks in advance!

Thanks, much appricated! :)

Hmm, that's a bug. Usually when there is only one person left, he commits suicide.
Thanks for the feedback! :)

I got some free time during work, and I built the Mac and Linux versions :) Links in the description. Let me know if something's wrong.

Thanks again for letting me know, cheers!


Sorry I've forgotten that, thanks for telling me!

Currently I'm not at home, but tonight (local time, so maybe 12 hours from now) I will make a macOS and a linux build as well :)