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also, there is a bug where if you choose the same charceter twice in a row it is all AIs

and the music is good too

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THIS IS A GREAT GAME!!!! I LOVE THIS GAME!!. maby not that much, but it is a decent game


add regening lilly pads

looks cool, i will download it

Nice Game!. i have tried to make html games before and ihave never made anythin close to

this game.

Spunky Clicker is a fun and addicting game.

it is a lot like cookie clicker

it also is python so most OSs can run it

its easy on your computer too


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i can't download view it because i'm on a kindle, but it looks neat
i will try it when im on my computer

This is t-mail (Tuckster7-mail) a small one computer email system,

 it only works on windows

but, its free!

T-mail 2 community · Posted in FAQ
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make a new text file (with notepad), copy and paste this code:

@echo off


echo (1) setup

echo (2) t-mail

set  /p input=choice: 

if %choice%==1 setup.bat

if %choice%==2 t-mail.bat

goto start

then click file>save as> then select the location of t-mail

change text file to all files

clear the untilted

type t-mail.bat

click save

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Froakiemon is a free open-source batch game.

it is based of pokemon

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Any glitches bugs or ideas?