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Sorry but i'll have to decline.

Could I first see the list of features please. I am starting collage so there would be a longer delay than last time probably but yes I am interested. 

That was just a random idea I wanted to try, also I dont remember you saying gravity.

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Might happen in future, I plan on introducing some things like, gravity, speed limit, light particles, load/save. Dont know when or if it will happen though focusing on different things in life now.

I didnt visualize them mostly because I didnt know how to.
Yes that would be possible but would require some changes, it would also have performance impact. Also what you described is already there as each particle has different size of pressure radius which is different for every combination.

Thank you soo much, I was kinda doubting you would send, well we're on internet. Soo thank you soo much for it.

I made 2 updates to the game some changes that I thought were necessary and then most of the features you requested.

I left out recording and visualization of relation matrix.

k, I may or may not implement them seeing if ill have time and motivation, if I finish it I'll mention you in comments

I will make it if you're willing to pay, not sure what do you mean by reaction matrix because particles are dont have colliders and are simply points in the simulation, currently particle size is for visual purpuses only I could use that for colliders but just asking for clarity.
It might take some time as I am currently focusing on project for #SoME3 making a video about 4D rotations, that will take me around 2 more weeks to make. I'll need around a month to do it.
I could send you the results  as videos of the features, then you pay and I'll make it public if that's fine.

thanks sir, your opinion is very appriciated, I also love the genre pain to play

nice game, one thing that was inconvinient was the text on the gadgeds when you were using the laser tool

Made a tutorial on it on youtube : 


that was a useless reply :)

the movement felt a little bit slow, dont know if it was just me

you could set the file types on ich so when someone is scrolling he knows if its for windows, android or both

eheheheheheh hafa ha ha fa har pred, ehhh hafffa fa har pre red        haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

You could disable the line pointers they are kinda annoying

you should probably write it in description so they know why the file was uploaded after the submission period

Fun to play I loved the shotgun, got stuck when got to the left part of the second level idk if im missing something, also with the movement i suggest leaving some space for jumping where it doesnt do continous move turn, got a little motion sick from the small turns when jumping.

Overall it was a good expirience. Reminded of the name of my game when I saw it.

phew, played the whole thing

nice game overall, i had a bug where I could replay level 1 (he was in red) and reset stats wasnt working, played on quest build, had fun playing the game good work

thanks, ill also do tutorial on the movement system on youtube

I created checkers, separate game objects that were single points put on road and painted on cpu

you forgot to publish the game

nice game, the last boss was diffucult but enjoyably

The graphics are amazing, idea is nice. I felt kinda bored after a while. But overall it was fine.

this was fun

yes I just didnt have time, I joined late and did basically the whole game in 3days

it happens all the times, people dont post viruses in game jams if they do admins remove it I think

Thanks to everyone who downloaded!