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Aw it's okay! I'll keep trying! It just looks like a really promising game, especially due all of the positive feedback TTATT

Hmm weird because I downloaded the file and clicked the zip file and it led me to a folder that contained the game (it does this with all of the games I download from Renpy &it usually opens but..) but nothing would pop up.

For some reason it wont open on mac?

No need to be sorry! Thank you so much for looking in to it! I just downloaded it right now and it seemed to start up fine. I can't wait to play it :)

Yeah.. I also have a mac but I can't get it to work. The demo version didn't work for me either.

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Hi! I was really interested in playing this game (both the full and demo versions) but i can't seem to start it up on either versions. I have a mac btw. Thank you!!