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Oh my! Thank you! I've been absent so I didn't even know this was released. Amazing.

Well, if timing isn't off, after you submitted, something happened regarding Anime VNs that seemed to be banned by a rogue employee or something. I believe it surrounded Chaos;Head, so who knows if an appeal will be allowed eventually. 

The first one is missing warnings on steam too.

Thank you so much! Seems silly to not do so.

Thank you so much for letting me know and being so quick!

Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that keys have been exhausted. Thanks in advance. 

Hello, there are no keys again. Not sure if you get pinged now when this happens. Thanks in advance. 

Ooh missed this one when I picked up bundle last time, not sure how. Writing here to remind myself to grab it on my next trip back.

Can't believe I forgot panda on my list from before. Wonderful!

oh my! You set it shortly after this comment so I didn't even realize you hadn't! Keep up the wonderful work! I still need to pick up the newest one. Will do so soon!

I love it!!!!

Would be absolutely wonderful to have a more streamlined way to do this and a better store-interface inapp. Already purchase tons from itch, would only enable me to do so more :D

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I always request raccoons, and I think it will fit well with the theme so far. 

Maybe also a female character of some sort. See some suggestions that follow;

1. An adventurer or something, attacks with a whip? 

2. A witch with magic spells? 

3. A princess with a really cool rapier? 

Pirate! You have a ninja. 

The above is more what I really want to see and use. The below is more things I could use. 


Ferret, squirrel, chipmunk 


Horse, deer, zebra, moose.



Even more dogs/wolves. 

I saw you released a new pack recently and your work always comes up recommended to me. My big hesitation has always always been a lack of character animations, is there any plan to offer these in the future? Even as a separate pack

Thank you! But starter set...? Does this mean more Roguelike Raven down the line?

Beautiful. Thank you so much. 

Oh congrats on getting the download to work!

I laughed more then I should have. Great job on your first game! A couple of typos, but minor. 

Thank you for letting me know! The web build certainly is more buggy then I would like, when I go back to this for updates post-Jam I will be offering a download which will be much more stable and should not have these issues.

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Absolutely wonderful to know! 

I do apologize, I tried to make sure I put a content warning to ensure that people were aware that there might be a few potentially "scary" things. No jump scares or loud noises, but pixelated graphics. 

The music definitely is chill. I had a nice time play testing with it. 

Feel free to leave any comments here or in your own thread. 

Raccoon! But fantastic so far. Been loving your work.

Color blind friendly, but your pinks on your webpage contrast are way too low for readability can use something like this to check;

Even with adult filter on when my younger nieces and nephews are over, your game is on the front page of the store. Your game is not tagged adult, your tag is not at the very top of the page, and easily missed. 

Ah a shame I missed that humble, but that's when Humble decided to screw over charities so you know, gotta pick battles.

ah I see! Interesting to know. Thank you. But yeah, be keeping two versions I guess. One with old slimes, and one with new updates. Special early edition I guess. Haha. 

Oh no! I would have definitely kept the slimes in (and now will never uninstall my version with then) 

 I did notice another inconsistency here. 

Some weapons have 4 rows of slashes, and some only have 3. 
Hammer and swords I've tested have 3. The wand has 4. 
Slimes also were missing one flat/dead battler frame. 

I guess while giving feedback, the hair doesn't fit the slimes at all which is a shame. The shirts kind of give the small ones ears. The pants don't sit well. Accessories mostly don't work obviously. I cannot tell about the weapons. 

There should be a way to pause movement or let us change them to a position we want. I often had to stop and wait for them to move where I wanted them to. 

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Oh I see why, the human sprite never leaves the bottom. So if you look at the dog, you will only see the ears and nose from the dog. Examples 

My bottom sprite never matches the top in skin tone. And when it goes to the slime, the bottom slime is behind the human sprite, but matches colors. 

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Oh I know! The balloon part is what I needed, too cute :D (Not asking for it, just commenting as I saw it, apologies for any confusion) 

Oh I needed that raccoon in my life. Thank you. :D 

Oh can't wait! I was going to ask the same thing. 

Nope, double checked a few times against my files to make sure I wasn't missing anything. Keep up the great work!

Almost missed this one because it's not listed on your main page. 

No worries! I'll hold off for now, but look forward to see it!

Very cute! Would it be possible to use/modify the sprite in our own projects? I would be happy to donate to your ko-fi page, or if you want to upload separately here. 


Ah! Forgot that part haha. After a busy June, I'll be working on making the music mode actually working the way it's intended. Which will be spawning socks to the music, some of the tracks this should be quite exciting. 

Using this in a small project here on itch, glad I could find it again!

For some reason looking up the name wasn't giving me any hits so I thought I might have picked it up from your website, but I see I did get it here. 

Thank you so much, they have such a great sound. 

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Ooh thank you! I just got them. As posted there, I may use them for something upcoming. Would it be okay for me to also modify them? IE, maybe add a hat or holding something? 

So adorable! I may use them for an upcoming project and I will let you know!

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Is someone able to know which packs are part of Blue Packs without reading their pages? Like an icon on the pack image itself? I know the sheets have it once you download though.