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Thanks for playing! But this game does not need voice acting at this point. I will be keeping you in mind :D

Nice! Great to see you advancing in GameDev field, Aaron.

I see you doing low-res stuff at Unity too. Pixel perfect 2D in Unity can be a pain to get right. But otherwise, smooth filtering ruin all that nice VX Ace art feel.

In simplest case, ensure that textures compression is set to none and filtering set to point filter. I am applying pixel snap material, derived from sprites-default one, to get more precise results one. Camera need calibration too.

If you interested in this, there is Unity's blog post about issues of rendering for pixel art.

Anyways, good work and good luck!

This tool is a MUST have for anyone working with sprites in Paint.Net. Preview can be fine tuned for your specific spritesheet layout, including borders and offsets. Superb!

Great! Really appreciate this. Thank you!

Cool! Will be waiting! :D

Thank you! I glad you like it!

This is good! You quite stepped up the game with Unity. Couldn't find gravity mechanics at start, but when I had. Whoaaa... Real time manipulation with gravity is interesting in puzzlers. One thing that I want to have is to see what levels I have already completed, cause game session is not "a few seconds", more likely "a few minutes" at least. Thank you!

Thank you for creating! This is a great start. Mechanics are simple and good. Evade while you can. Great point that skulls are moving in similar pattern, which introduces predictability and player skill reliance. I like it!

Great work! Thank you!

Hi! Good retro. Btw, version on Itch doesn't work for me, but Tic-80 site is running ok.


Thank you very much! I am currently trying to outline that game feeling, step-by-step. Was planning on rolling new updates as soon as possible.

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Sorry for any inconvenience caused. I didn't wanted previous reply to be rude in any manner. platform is incredible place that collects a lot of incredible games and needs a lot of work to support. So, maybe original text must be paraphrased -- "not overwhelmingly customizable toolset".

Even with basic banner, background and color editing + gifs you can get branding done. There is nothing inherently wrong to email support, aren't there? If you have some serious project going on you obviously will contact support staff one way or another. Moreover. Give all the tools to user and will lose all the layout guidelines and, with it, consistency.

Rolled update to fix the controls problem!

Thank you!


Thank you for comment! Rolled out the update for controls selection to solve this issue.

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Thank you for comment! If i understand correctly, you mean: show arrow keys accordingly to WASD keys, but still use WASD (just change the graphic representation).

I am currently working on update to implement different control schemes to use in-game. But this is new view point I need to think about. It might actually improve gameplay greatly. I will test this out to see if this fits better.

Thank you for playing! Love the playthrough :D

That 'W' letter though. Do you think I need to emphasize controls layout in-game? I am actually working on input device selection, as update to multiple game modes. Would love to hear any suggestions.