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This is good! You quite stepped up the game with Unity. Couldn't find gravity mechanics at start, but when I had. Whoaaa... Real time manipulation with gravity is interesting in puzzlers. One thing that I want to have is to see what levels I have already completed, cause game session is not "a few seconds", more likely "a few minutes" at least. Thank you!


Thank you so much for your feedback! This means so much to me 😆. 

It's normal that there is a difference in quality and complexity between the two games, since they were made 3 years apart (I made avoid the skulls when I was 13 and I made PlatformGears this year. I made a few other games during these three years, which I will post here maybe but I think that the two I have already posted are the most fun ones).  

I changed the Game session to "a few minutes". It is a good idea to mark the levels completed, and it's an easy fix. I will implement it in the next version ☺.


Cool! Will be waiting! :D