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Awesome work ! Very professional :) Are you working alone ? Community » Game Development » Devlogs · Created a new topic CESSPOOL
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Hi everyone :)
I would like to present my project to you, it will be a year in March that I work on it in my spare time and it will be presented in the form of a demo playable in a festival in May :)

In the meantime, I would like to post regular news here (playable build, image, artwork, music, ...) in order to, if it pleases some of you, to get feedback and maybe fed a start of community around the game ^^

The game is a small RPG with simplified gameplay (I did not want dozens of features and techniques so as not to scare the newbes) I want above all to center the game on the story, the environmental narrative and the secrets.

Another originality, I did not want a world of heroic fantasy, I opted for a post apocalyptic universe.

If you are interested, I need bug finder :)

Okay thank :)
I was afraid this jam is began already, like few week ago and the date it's a 2nd steps or somethink like that

I like this theme, i began the jam with you in 2 days :)

1-Room RPG Jam community · Created a new topic Tryton

Hi! The jam start in 2 days, but we have the theme and cie already? We can start now? i don't understand, someone can explained me? :) thank!