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I love your concept, im checking this game from time to time for updates/release, I wish you luck with your project

Thanks for playing :D, and thanks for your suggestions

Thanks for playing :)

This is very fun

This was very funny, great gameplay

I already submitted my game, I hope you like it :D

¿When can I submit my game?. I already finished my project but I'm affraid to submit it since no one else has submitted it yet

I also thought in making an incremental game, but never thought of such a good implementation.

I'm definitely going to play this one

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Hello, this is my first jam. I'm trying to make some kind of platformer with a "metroidvania" component with a couple of powerups in a single level.


This is my progress so far, I'm stuck trying to figure out a catch for the gameplay. I don't want to add enemies to the game, just platforming. 


I made some progress. Added a new mechanic (roll) and almost finished the first zone. 


Working on the second zone, I really like this style:

Yes, you know man only lives for a reason:


I ALREADY FINISHED MY GAME!!! :D. Is not all what I wanted it to be, but I'm very proud of it, I also think it's a functional and enjoyable game.

I hope you find it funny to play :D

lookg great :o

Buen juego

Great game, I loved the details