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This looks pretty sweet

You should be more explicit about what it is at the moment. Not everyone knows what UI is. Saying "only the interface works and has animations" would fit best. Kind regards.

It's a good game and I pooped myself a lot but if I had any progress I'd be a bit frustrated. I got chased by the stairs and somehow hid behind the opened door then the yandere tried to stab me which made me fall through the map. The tutorial should be updated as well because I don't understand where I could find the numbers. 

I know it's a very early build but I managed to fall through the map entirely.

Not to sound like an ass or anything but I can't claim the game into my library during the sale and I'd love to since I am gaming on a Mac currently til my charger for the Windows laptop comes.

Why exactly is this 100 USD? I might be astronomically idiotic, but is it an inside joke?