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Ah I see now, thanks for response.

Anyways after a day after attempting to fix it myself the error I think it should be gone for good and looks like everything is working again, maybe it either from these actions I did:

- Restart the computer.

- Disable windows defender temporary.

- Disable malwarebytes.

- Disable windows firewall stuff (I checked my firewall rules for some reason windows on my pc automatically add gmlive-server to blacklist without notify me, probably due to anti-virus I mentioned above).

- Always run the server exe as admin.

So looks like I actually triggered rare bugs so I guess this should be marked as fixed for now.

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Oh the error is being show in gmlive-server.gc.log in "...\AppData\Local\GameMakerStudio2\GMS2TEMP\Dream_6B1657E3_VM\GMLive\gmlive-server.gc.log"

From what I think this probably is GameMaker output. As expected it only occurs either when I press Run or Save the "live" file.

Am I supposed to press Run manually or does I have to click something else to make it live update since the docs said that I only need to press Run.

Anyways what the expected behavior? Will it show "1 client" in the console when it detect there's a game instance running?

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I'm not sure what's this error mean since I tried to save the script, and apparently this showed up in the log.

Probably this is the reason why my scripts not updating live when I changed it.

But the weird thing is that GMLive.js mode in GMEdit start as usual with no error.