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Also the +1 passive income is useless

Also, I wish I could drag two tiles over each other to swap them

Text sizes need some work, e.g. the upgrade prices.
The economy could use some balance, unless there's some strategy I'm missing.
It's quite fun to make a bunch of different words. I got up to a lexicon of 562. But making random words seems to be at odds with making the target word. It can be pretty slow and unrewarding to make the target word, as it's just a temporary boost that often doesn't compensate for the suboptimal configuration you have to make, but also filling out the lexicon seems to offer no reward.
I don't find research to be a worthwhile thing to do because once you're past a certain point, cycling the tiles to other letters doesn't cost very much.

Oh don't worry, if you like a challenge then you'll really like WebGL

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Thought about it a bit more. If you've got a 100x100 grid there, and if you're actually calling drawImage on the backend, then maybe low fps is to be expected kind of. Perhaps now is the time to dip your toes into WebGL? Have you seen my tool ArrowBench? :)

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I get about 12 fps on my relatively nice desktop. Seems like CPU usage percentage is low though, like 10%, and I assume since you're using canvas that's what it's using. I feel like it should be able to run much faster.

Runs slow

Does the weight dodge chance debuff also apply per-item?

Oooh, interesting. Thank you for the info!

An important mechanic I didn't notice at first: the value of a stat point increases depending on how many points you've already allocated to the stat.

Another strat: 15 refillable adaptive potions can let you roll the die forever because all it takes is one mana regardless of the actual cost.

The full recruit's set gives you over 100% dodge chance (or at least it seems like it does), but you still get hit sometimes.

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Here's an interesting strat: vampire blade plus overdosed hp. As long as it's against an enemy that doesn't stun and only attacks once, you can tank any damage and keep getting +1 max hp over and over, dealing 1 damage at a time ideally.

I've done it! Level 99!

Ohhh, I feel so dumb about the upgrade thing. I see it now.

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Some mechanics are pretty opaque. It seems like certain equipment just isn't possible to get on certain runs. Sometimes you're not allowed to upgrade a piece of equipment (maybe you have to wait until a certain level?), damage reduction by armor is some unknown formula, it's not clear what luck does mathematically, it's not clear how the XP face on the die scales, also what affects escape chance.

I liked it. Sound didn't work for me though.

If you hold down the back button a little bit too long while in a menu you will automatically hit the load save button, which is disastrous.

Cool movement system! Pretty hard too! I got 16:34:40 ... or 16:37:10? Is the "Best Time" different from the time it shows you at the end of the game?

High score: 63

It seems like there's a bug where whatever upgrades you buy or scale change you do applies to the value of the projectiles immediately. So you can earn a bunch of money at the start of a scale change, for example, or buy a bunch of rubber coating upgrades and earn like 4x the money for a bit, until the projectiles are all gone.

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It is not only in full screen mode! But, oddly enough this problem only happens on my laptop. It works fine on my desktop PC. Both are using Windows and Chrome, so I don't know what to tell you :/

There's some interesting behaviors with loops. If you progressively shrink your loop it eventually breaks it. Also, if you add a loop within a circuit there seems to be some kind of wall or front that prevents the circuit from readjusting (see gif). Not saying it's a bug per say, just weird.

It doesn't seem to click where the mouse is. It actually clicks slightly up and to the right, which kind of ruins the feel of the game. I'm playing in the browser btw. Perhaps there's an invisible div surrounding the play window that's causing that offset?

No worries. I'm delighted to have heard back from you regardless. Yes, this is a common quirk of many out of the box physics systems. Considering that it's a rare occurence, if you could merely detect when something like this has happened and automatically end the round, I think that would be totally fine. And I recommend this just because I imagine it would be the easiest band-aid solution. Infinitely better than a soft lock. In any case, I wish you the best.

When the game speeds up it seems like it fails to generate a platform and it leaves a gap that you can't jump.

The game seems to get stuck on the loading screen. The red box at the top actually has some text in it, but it's offscreen. I've copied it below:

Unable to parse Build/UP v1.2 - WebGL! This can happen if build compression was enabled but web server hosting the content was misconfigured to not serve the file with HTTP Response Header "Content-Encoding: br" present. Check browser Console and Devtools Network tab to debug.

I think when you buy a town upgrade it deducts the cost of the next upgrade - not the one you just purchsed. That's what I conclude because my sticks and gold go negative.

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Prestige doesn't reset upgrade costs.

Edit: Err, it kind of does, but you have to refresh I think? I also clicked the delete save button a few times.

On the topic of sign-posting: On the day where the person appears, if you put footprints on the ground in a place where it's visible from the house, that might work. Or if there was an incentive to scout the map every day, that might work too.

Sure, I'm happy to elaborate:

(1) In general I think there's not enough to do. It's weird though, because right at the start it's really slow, then in the middle of your first day you get to buy like 4 things. Then it tapers off until you can't buy anything for several days in a row.

(1.5) A related issue is that the game takes too long to progress while you're not doing anything. If you added the ability to skip forward in time, or a fast-forward button, it might not feel as much like there's nothing to do (although the first day would still seem really busy compared to the others).

(2) There's no going back on any decision. It's pretty clear what the fish tank fixes do, and those are pretty much always beneficial. But with the plots I think it's very easy to mistakenly make a suboptimal decision, especially because on first playthrough you don't know that the oxidizer only decreases fish water cost by 1, for example. A clearer description, maybe on the computer buy page, could help this.

(3) Replying to your question about the demand increase: I kind of assumed I was supposed to lose and the game went on forever? If there's a way to win, it's totally fine, it just means it's hard. (well, maybe not hard - I'm not generally very good at games) But if you want to make it hard, I'd suggest you make trial and error less painful, which I think is addressed by my previous items.

(4) I was not aware of a person appearing by the gate. I tried going through the gate a couple times. It never let me through, so I stopped trying. I also basically had no reason to ever leave the computer screen - or at least that's what I thought. If there is a whole game mechanic I'm missing then I apologize because everything I've written here might be completely irrelevant.

I made it to day 11 before game over. I don't know how intentional it is, but pretty quickly I reached a point where I couldn't buy the last plot without failing to meet demand, and just waited for multiple days to see what would happen.

Selecting "No" when asked to repair a fish tank will still take your fish and double the cost of the next repair.

I've discovered missing no.

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When you kill a baddy in a one-block high opening it doesn't seem to actually kill the baddy but instead it teleports it a short distance, and the baddy count doesn't go down.

I did it! I essentially beat the game. It was pretty fun, although a bit short. Thanks again for fixing it, and good luck with development!

Yay! Thank you! I'll let you know once I've tried it out.

Is there a way to unlock this achievement? I've 1e30 cash and still haven't unlocked it yet.