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So for this jam we are limiting it to physical games (tabletop RPGs, journaling games, worldbuilding prompt/generation games, letter writing games, and settings, rules supplements, etc. for all of those).

There are some great sources on cretaong your own with different free or open licenses (such as Caltrop CoreTAGS RPG, Wretched & Alone) if interested. 

If this does well enough or gets enough traction we may do another ine in June and that one may be open to other games as submissions. 


if this jam does well enough there will definitely be a second and june is a fitting month. I'll keep ya posted.

Queer Magic Jam 1 community · Created a new topic Ideas?

Anyone have any ideas for their entry yet?

I'm just finished a good chunk of my entry. I decided on a hack/conversion of my Alchemical Romance game with a magic school dropout, battle of the bands, queer wizards focus/vibe. 

So that means, yes, it does have relationship mechanics/dating sim inspirations. But in addition to focus and tone it'll differ in several other aspect too. Looking forward to it and to seeing all other entries.

So anyone else have any ideas? Any thoughts on what you're gonna do, or might do, or are considering? Any thoughts on what you think would be cool to see?

And if you have any ideas check my Twitter thread about the Jam (@TrueFeyGaming) because there are a number of ideas you can steal if you want or need.