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Help Amelia Get Bottom Surgery Bundle

A bundle hosted by TrueFeyQueen888 with content from 19 creators.
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Hi, I'm Amelia (@TrueFeyQueen888 on Twitter), and I am raising money for my Bottom Surgery. As part of my attempt to do so, i will be putting together a Co-op Bundle here in itch with the purpose of raising money for my Bottom Surgery (the campaign for which can be found here). After asking around about the best way to collect submissions, am itch Game Jam is the route I decided to go with.

I recently hosted a game jam to get submissions from the TTRPG community for this game bundle to raise money for my bottom surgery and the associated expenses.

The bundle is the result of a bunch of people in TTRPG Creator communities online coming together to help one of their own raise money for important gender affirming care. And for that I'm immensely grateful.

The Bundle will run one month from April 29th (my 3 year hormone anniversary) through Pride Month to June 29th

Includes the following items:

At $18.00 or above

Military fantasy playset for the AGON rpg
OSR dungeon-crawler for the AGON rpg
One page RPG about Office & Gossip - Lasers & Feelings hack
A Ghost Story of Redemption or Revenge
In a school of monsters, will you make lasting friendships or bitter enemies?
The dragon is dead. The adventurers are gone. Time to organize.
Infuse your favorite hot drink with some magic to help you through your day.
A playtest for an original, setting agnostic, rules-lite 4d6 based TTRPG system by Amelia Fey Parsons
A game of young love and alchemy powered by Caltrop Core
A narrative, collaborative TTRPG of gothic horror, monster hunting, and struggling to survive using the Push SRD
The world's only game about being a bug and piloting the discarded exoskeleton of another bug! (I think.)
A solo 3d6D game about gathering colors for a new world.
a Push Powered game of super spies and martinis
A solo journaling TTRPG about Hermit Crabs finding shells and helping others along the way!
A collaborative, storytelling, semi GM-less, microRPG of pirate birds
The Cyber-Supernatural Dystopia
A solo journaling game about a library inside a tree hollow.
Convince the Hero of Legend they need YOUR Legendary Item and why!
a solo journaling game using tarot and your bookshelf to send spy messages
A solo tarot-based journaling game to remember your past lives.
9 card-sized 12-word lyrical games on a single sheet!
Create real & random chaos magic using maps and dice
Level up IRL stats with your experiences
A Pride-fully Friendly Food Fight for 2-10
Self-discovery and growth in edible form!
The equipment I wear and use to banish dysphoria
Shoot some lasers!
A solo souls-like mech TTRPG
2-player Xd6-lite fabled game about why the hours of the day and night change through the year.
Creative Roleplay Under Exaggerated Logic
​A one page RPG using dominos instead of dice.
A system agnostic vampire setting
A vampire setting for any TTRPG system
A fast & furious survival card game with vampire chickens
Play as a group of Glam Vampires trying to survive a night on the town!
A wacky weird game system
A one-page TTRPG mod of transformative power.
Bring Gnoll and Kitsune as playable characters to you 5E game