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I’m using Love2d (Lua)

Great game, however i feel like the difficulty curve is super steep, but then again, the game is very random.

On the other hand, the visuals and sounds are fantastic, love the particles, and what you did with the Adaptive music was genius (its really cool to see games use this technique). Well done.

Beautiful, made me cry. The music is very nice. Love it. I can't say much other than that...

Depression is a serious subject, I had it for some time, myself. Its definitely not easy.

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Hello and your welcome! :)  (I'm not the first though, i'm the second)

10/10 great game.

This game is excellent. I enjoyed it a lot.

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Hey this tool is fantastic! it would be nice to be able to link sounds when a button is pressed and an automated pause (that would be neat), But otherwise a very underrated tool. :)

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This is sick! as someone that is relatively new to love2d, I can say that love is a difficult language. good job on making a nice game. Keep it up :)

This is definitely in my favorite top ten games I've ever played, I love the style and gameplay reminds me of motherload. The only thing that bugs me is that when you dont know where the whale (whale? shark?) is, it can hover above you, leaving you trapped under it, so it drains all of your oxygen. But other than that great game :)


When is my Dad going to get home with milk?

This is great! it just looped on one of the levels so i didnt get to the end but thats ok. 


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I loved the mechanic of the game and it completely changes the game play every level. The only thing that i think could be improved is that the 'ghost player' can wander around wherever. After traveling around for some time, i just got lost in the grey abyss. But other then that, well done :)

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Loved It :)

I think that (not only for a jam game) it is very detailed and i really like the palette selection feature. The only thing that kind of bugs me is that i can't clearly see where enemies are, a solution to this would be to add a contrasting white border around the enemy sprites, but other than that the game is great! :)


Thats in Celeste as well (the proper game)