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Yay!!! Being able to loop through all my 1.000 image pairs automatically would be an amazing functionality to be able to do my project properly. :)

Very cool that you read the messages.  :)
Your feedback is much appreciated. 

> Hi there, by rotate, you mean, on each step, rotate a little?
> This is tricky to do, there is some implementations on it, but I still need to put on the GUI.

Very exciting the way you understood this. I could think of many uses.

Originally my plan is different and maybe easier:

I want to process/rotate through 1000 different images (eg. as source images) programmatically, as this would be too tedious manually. Clearly it would take a week to do that.

I have found the right setting with the GUI and several of these images. Also I preprocessed my source images to have a good result. :)
Now I would like to let them process with a windows batch script one after the other.

What I would suggest is to have an export button, that lets users export the parameters from the GUI as a batch script that is ready to go to call once, or several times.
Very appreciated would be also a few lines of code (commented out) how to loop over images, use timeout and restart the process.

(This makes sense even for someone who knows how to read a batchscript.. as it is not clear when to stop and call the script again and what todo if the process hangs, which happened from time to time.)

That way I could process through my batch in a very structured way. 


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I use the patreon only version with images.
Ok first off the results are great. This is lots of fun. Thank you!

Is it possible to use the console to  rotate source and target images on the fly?
Would also be good to have a Windows bashscript to reopen the program on crashes. At least after 30min or something.

On a sidenote: So far I am not sure the text field still has relevance when you have the images provided? I focus more on the images.