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You've hit a bug! I need to reword that, so thanks for catching

Just to be clear, I uploaded these in 2020.

Halflings may be on the horizon in the future ;) love this though

Thank you so much, this made my day

It is! I've just not had a tonne of time to put into it lately.

Yes, I was planning on including this as part of the solo rules. 

Hi Ahmad, thanks for posting. I'm flattered that you want to begin your wargaming journey with DEAD GODS and I'm more than happy to clarify.

In this game, the higher the stat, the better. You have to roll equal to or under a stat to succeed. This means that a negative modifier like -1 will reduce that roll by 1, which is a good thing. 

On the reverse having a +1 modifier to the roll isn't good because it increases your die roll. This is why the rules call this a penalty. 

F- just means that character doesn't have the Firing stat, so they're unable to make ranged attacks. 

For the Slayer special feature the B4+ means having a Battle of 4 or more. So a model with the Slayer ability is going to be more effective against models with high Battle. 

This looks awesome! 

Hot stuff!

Another great video, this time about creating some cool paper minis for Dead Gods 

Conjured Crafts has an awesome video on creating a war cult 


What's this ey?

Another video from Little Robot on their own Warcult with some groovy backstory

sweet! The Hexbane's Hunters are really popular for Warcults. What are the bottom ones?

Just seen someone has posted their necromantic The Eternal Warcult

So, this is incredible!!!!

Thanks so much. And that mirrors my feelings too. My main thinking with Dead Gods was - could we have a game where: the rules were free, only a few models were needed, you could use any model, that could be played on a kitchen table, could be played in short bursts, and didn't take long to read the rules and get playing. 

Yes, so it changes a single die into a success. However, you could fail with both dice and turn one of those failures into a success - potentially saving your skin.

All the new Cities of Sigmar stuff works so well. Although it's making me think there needs to be a mercenary faction...

Thanks for pointing out the error! I'm super glad you're enjoying it

Cheers for this. Now updated 

I couldn't be bothered getting my terrain out so played it like I used to when I was 10 - using stuff from the kitchen.

Gotta love weird nobz!!

This also means that even if you have one model remaining and the opponent has none, you still win. 

I played a solo game today with the following Warcults:

Pale Druids: Dreth the Oracle, Blood Priest, Pistol Priest, Runner.

Black Maw: Musician (leader), Dread Beast, Berserker, Skeleton Warrior.

In the first round the Pale Druids managed to get to the first objective and set up the Pistol Priest to offer the Runner cover. They made good use of Dreth's Seer rule meaning they could reroll activation. 

The Black Maw then secured an objective with the Berserker, who had the Musician by their side. The Pistol Priest took some pot shots at the Musician but failed. The Pale Druids Runner secured and started moving the relic while Dreth climbed a building, nearly at one more objective. 

The Runner eventually made it off the edge, Dreth secured the objective and the Blood Priest made their way to their third objective. However, the skeleton warrior managed to overtake them and get to the objective. The Pistol Priest hit the Berserker who was moving towards the edge, but the Musician managed to wound the Pistol Priest.

The Dread Beast was away from the fight attempting (and failing) to secure an objective. I regret not having it rush in and start wailing on the Pistol Priest, but ah well. The Musician got shot and was taken out of action. The Skeleton Warrior secured an objective and wounded the Blood Priest, who would then go on to become out of action. Dreth got off the edge of the board. 

The Pistol Priest ended up going out of action, leaving the Pale Druids with two relics secured, meaning the Black Maw won by default.

Something that the rules don't mention is what happens if you have models left on the board and your opponent doesn't, and the opponent didn't manage to secure 3 relics. 

If the opponent is eradicated before securing 3 relics, then the player remaining wins by default (since it's assumed they will be able to claim the remaining relics). 

I'm a huge fan of the Frostgrave boxes. Really inexpensive for a load of great minis. 

When I was writing Dead Gods I had these little packs from Warhammer Underworlds in mind, since they're fairly inexpensive (buy one and have a complete Warcult). 

Skaeth's Wild Hunt could be a good one for The Pale Druids. Knight, Musician, Beast, Runner,  Bowmaster.

This is why you don't upload things when you're ill. Thanks for the heads up. That should be fixed now. 

Something I'm considering doing is a Dead Gods zine: Exalted Demise. 

I figure it would be a good place for lore, scenarios and hopefully some minis photography from the (albeit very small) community. 

Not a dead cert, but something I'm pondering for the future at some point. Maybe a 2024 thing. 

Pulled together a Warcult for The Eternal. Knight (leader), Ghost Warrior, Peasant, Relic Hunter and Assassin. Now to put an opposing force together. 

(1 edit)

Good catch, the top of the column had cut it off. I've uploaded a fixed version. 

For those special rules, the extra wound just gets added without a defence roll

It's the day at least a few of you may have been waiting for. Unholy Scavengers is now yours!

s in. I've uploaded a slightly tweaked rules now, taking some of your feedback into consideration, so thank you. I've also clarified some of the below aside from jumping down. That's more of where the Golden Rule comes in. I'd say if you can't climb down you'd essentially fall.

thanks for sharing your game! Any and all feedback is most welcome :) 

awesome stuff. Which Battlesystem terrain is that?

This feedback is super great! Thanks so much for taking the time to note it all down, I really appreciate it and it'll help in errata for the game :) 

Thanks so much. I'm glad everyone had fun!

Oh cool! I'm also using Hexbane's Hunters in my Warcult.