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Brilliant stuff!

Thanks Matt

The fonts are Essays173 (body) and Blackletter (title)

thank you!

Actually fixed now!

Actually fixed now!


Very odd! It's disappeared! Thanks for letting me know

Thanks! Aye, this is something I'm looking at making.

YES! Dark and grubby. Love it

Lovely idea

Argh, damned my sleep-addled mind. Thank you

Hey - this is now available


So the weapons are somewhat different, and some of that comes out during roleplay. 

  • The mace is a good weapon for a cleric since it's bludgeoning. No swords, axes or spears for the cleric
  • The staff doubles as a walking stick - you wouldn't deprive an old man of his staff? 
  • A sword is great, but if you ever want to chop wood out in the wilderness, you'll want an axe. 

The fonts are Essays173 (body) and Blackletter (title). I agree - I love them!

Really enjoying this. Great tables. Looks very complete. Looking forward to delving further.

Thanks James, I'm glad you had fun and I appreciate you taking the time to comment. On deadliness, absolutely meant to be a feature rather than a bug. I borrowed a guideline from Searchers of the Unknown where it's unlikely that a PC will actually "die" but more likely be knocked unconscious or captured, which makes things a lot more forgiving.

Thanks for this. I've just updated the doc with xp values for these monsters. These are based on the BX system of xp to HD.

Hi. I think that was a typo, but the deck wasn't supposed to come with the game. However I do want to upload it, I've just not got around to it yet. Apologies it wasn't back then, but please don't be rude. 

Thank you!

Hopefully this weekend all being well

Hey, sorry for the delay. I'm going to put up a printable sheet for now as there was a print issue with the initial cards.

Don't worry, I'm emailing everyone for addresses.

Hey. Yes, you've got a point on wounds and I'll post up a clarification, but yes, when you lose the setback from a wound you also lose the wound.

On heals - again, I'll clarify but you've read it right. 

I like that houserule on abilities!

And thank you so much!

They are yes. It's just so it can be printed :)

Dungeon Gits is a simple, hackable fantasy system with fast character creation and easy task resolution. 

Includes a short bestiary, magic items and all the rules you need to run a game. There are only two attributes in the game: Bashing and Not Bashing. Use knacks to flesh out your character - a freeform system allowing you to create any kind of character you wish.

After your character has retired, the player writes a poem about their adventures.

A really kind review, thank you so much