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Hello, the game  is free to download and play also the sources are available in the description too.
Enthusiasts can donate through Paypal if they want to support me making more and better games though you don't have to.
I wish you wonderful day! 


Sources of the game are included in the description, here is the github link for those who missed it though:

I made them as readable and clear as possible but if you encounter any trouble dont hesitate to ask me anything on the discord channel :-)

@dibuzapping and @puppetmaster thanks :-)

Thanks for the feedback what OS are you playing on? I tried this on Linux mint debian windows 8.1 and osx and never ran into that problem.
The game is indeed physics based (I wanted to see the physics engine) and controls are very touchy by choice this game is not to be played like a driving game it is more about gently influencing the cat's direction than driving him around.

I just did 204, hue hue hue! (yup its addictive :p)

I like it hard muahaha. My best score is 84.22 (I m that bad :P)
It is addictive indeed XD

I would add a menu and like a little timer before action begins so the player gets ready. Great game!

I finaly got to understand what was happening ahah
My only regret is that we barely see what we are firing at. The game is playable, theme is respected and it has potential maybe you can make the field of view a little bigger so we see more of the awesome action :-)

Pretty good game Ill check again later :3

This game looks way better now I like the green and them glowy thing look good too.
I really enjoyed this game it is hard, you may feel like a pro when you end the level with more cookies than you started it with XD

Controls are inverted yes it makes the game harder but if the ship was too easy to control there would be close to no challenge so from my point of view I wouldn't change that :-)

It works, and is really easy to get into I like the two phases, much more can be done with this though.
Maybe you should keep on improving it in the future good job! :-)

There is something there :-)

@khairul169 @RodZilla Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed it!
While it is hard to beat the game and have all stars in all levels I hope it was affordable enough to get all tutorials completed and maybe one star to the endless night level.

Btw a very usefull action is possible in the main menu its kinda worth 190kb I'm sure not so many people will find out but that is totally worth the weight! (Trust me I'm an engineer :-3)

One of the best out there ! :-)

I get the same problem as +>eons, the game is good looking and all but there is not much we can do to avoid these stars atm its pretty much about making the whole thing giggle hoping stars wont appear right above the balloons.

This is a cute game though and it fits the theme I will definitely check again later :-)

Simple and very effective your main goal was clearly reached there.
Sir this is a very clean project good job!

This is quite a complete game, I liked it!
My only advice for your next games is to try and use more desaturated colors to ease the eyes :-)
Oh and of course to keep making awesome games!

Very good idea you had there!
It works, I think it would have also worked without the shift key (its not like its removing anything to have it though).
This is great you have a lot of possibilities with this!
The game is very short but it feels like you can make it last longer quite easily :D
Good job!

You nailed it very good game!
Very hard to not feel stupid when I actually move them both and crash ;-)


Cant beat that :O.
Now try that in reverse :D (sorry for the french)

Random bad reverse session


Thanks !
Yes the game was design to be in the line of good old hard games that I use to play in my childhood.
Beating the game and having the 3 stars on all levels is a real challenge though I understand it can be frustrating when you are not used to these kind of games. :-)