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It was meant to be a creepy easter egg, like something spooky hidden away you shouldn't have found. Im a sucker for creepy easter eggs in seemingly innocent games, but i think i made it too easy to find on complete accident, and alot of people didnt like it. If i do include anything like this, i'll add more build up (to give players a chance to turn back), and hide it better, so its less likely to be found.

yeah, the spooky easter egg was tied to the death part of the life and death theme (there is a life easter egg but its waaay more hidden), but yeah, i probobly should have hid it better, because i think too many people were finding it on accident and were getting spooked hard

i wanted to add some super deep and super creepy secret, but i didnt have the time so i went for the easy spook (im suprised so many people are finding the easter egg this easily. I tried to make it not too hidden)

the easter eggs play into life and death too. You found the death one. Pressing P will turn Mima into an original character from a much bigger game i hope to make years from now, essentially being the birth of this character's life as a video game character.

well, this was my first ever attempt at making a game. You could see the duct tape holding it all together. I'll definately keep checkpoints in mind for next time though, i just didnt think it was worth putting in for a one level game.

Ah, i'll give it another shot later then. I love the over all concept, but i'd love an update that just makes it a tiny bit easier to see and navigate, but not too much. Keep it creepy, but not frustrating.

ah, i dont need any help with this game, i dont think i'll be doing any more with it, but for future games, help would be greatly appreciated!

discord name is Trist#0433

Game wouldn't run for me, got stuck on "get potion book" message.

I see you found the easter egg :)

Pretty good, i love the mechanic of Myon offering the light, but the light is a little too dim, and makes it hard to navigate. if it made the area a little brighter, or expanding the range it illuminates, i think it could greatly improve. I also got lost after getting yuyuko food for the 3rd time, and hitting space restarted the game. was that the end? or was i just lost...