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Bruh it's only $2.99, practically free. He literally clarified why he couldn't launch the identical game version on

womp womp dont care!

Oh well, if it happens, it happens i guess.

Hi, it's definitely possible to download. If you need any help feel free to ask.

Hi, you need a dedicated GPU to run this game. Frame rate issues in Sponge Massacre may be caused by a lack of optimisation as the game also requires a dedicated GPU.

If you are having trouble with the installation I can only advise you to make sure all of your drivers are up to date. Also, try to see if there are any Windows updates you can install.

Can you please elaborate a bit more?

Click the arrow next to your profile picture on and head to the "my library" menu. The game should appear there.

Download the file; it should be a .zip file.

Right-click on it and choose "Extract" to put the contents in a folder.

Double-click on the file with the .exe extension to run the program.

thank you so much

unreal engine 4

Doubleclick on the .exe file.

Maybe try reinstalling the game. I've never encountered that error before so i don't know the fix for sure sorry.

Everything works perfectly fine for me. I'm not encountering any problems.

You're pretty quick. Glad you're having fun! :D

Unfortunately, the game won't have an Android or Apple version. This is due to the game's demanding system requirements, making it challenging to run on some computers. Attempting to run the game on a phone would be really hard. I am currently involved in other projects and would like to transition away from this particular one.

Hi there, this game only supports Windows.

Totally agree with you 👍

Hello! I am definitely not offended by this comment. I even agree with some of the statements you've made in this text. But this game was made in 16 hours just for me to test myself and see what I can make in such a short time. The game is definitely not supposed to be taken seriously since it's a meme game about a McDonald's mascot made for the sole reason of giving someone a giggle, and it's not really meant to scare anybody. The cheap jumpscare at the end might give you a little sting, though. By the way, I have no idea why this game has such a large file size. I tried to lower it as much as I could, and I unfortunately couldn't lower it any more. Some model probably has a large texture size or something. My next game will definitely have better quality. Anyways, thanks for the criticism. It will definitely be taken into consideration.

Hi! Thanks for playing my game. I will release an update where the delivery is more visible in a moment. I also made a better mechanic involving the door closing by itself. Thanks for reporting that issue! Have a great rest of your day.

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Thanks so much for playing the game and actually finding a bug :). I didn't even think that somebody would try to run from him. It will be fixed right now!

Loved everything from the beginning to the end.

I genuinely appreciate the kindness in your words. It is truly heartwarming to receive such great feedback, particularly coming from a talented developer like yourself.

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One could certainly say that the level's aesthetics and design were inspired by slay bells.

Thanks for reporting a bug! Yes definitely. In what level were you in?

You need winrar

Thanks for making a video .It means the world to me. Good luck with your YouTube channel!

Thank you so much for playing my game and making a video.

Right click on the .rar file. Then click extract here. Then click on Sponge Massacre exe. file. That's it.

i'm glad you liked it!

Thank you so much!