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I honestly don't know. I have options for steam keys on and there are keys available.

Hi, I wasn't aware of this issue, it should be fixed now if you try to download it again.

If you claimed the game, you should also get an option to get a steam key with no charge.

I hope it resolves the issue.

Hi everyone!

I have just released my 2nd game called Coin Wars. It is a FREE game where you play against your opponent to get as much gold coins as possible. How? Simply choose split or steal. Depending on both your and your opponent's choice, you will ether gain or lose gold coins.  You can also use abilities to gain extra gold coins or mitigate your loss. You also have a mine and a mint to generate more gold coins.

It is fun casual relaxed qucik game. 

You can check it out here: Link

I have also made a short trailer:

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Hey everyone!

I thought myself on how to code and created my 1st game. It is pixel art action adventure RPG where you play as a teddy bear in a Dream Realm fighting off the Nigthmare. Equiped with a sword, a shield, a bow and infinite arrow, you must defeat and clear the Nightmare!

You can check out the trailer here:

If you are interesed, here is the link to the page:

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Hey everyone!

I have just completed my 1st game called Nightmare Cave. It is a 2D pixel art Action RPG. Right now, it is only a demo to help me improve the game, I intend to release the full version.

If you are looking for a hard and challenging game, maybe this game is for you!

In this game you are playing a bear equiped with a sword, a shield, a bow and infinite arrows! Your quest is to explore the cave adn get rid of nightmare creatures inside it. Along the way, you will level up, learn new abilities and collect various items to make you stronger. Sine it is only a demo, it contain few levels, enemies, 1 boss and it is only about an hour long, but challenging! Tthe full version will have a lot more levels, different enemies, bosses and more.

Hope you will enjoy it.

Here is the link to the demo: