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Interesting consept, not very well executed. I constantly it impossible to continue more than 2 minutes, and not because of skill. The controls are slidy, and uncontrolable. The graphics are incredibly terrible. Also, just a tip, don't use 3D objects in a 2D project. The objects sometimes fall of the edge of eachother. Overall, with a lot more time and polish put into this game, it could be a good game, however, at this state, is terrible.

Wow! Amazing concept put together beautifully. I had to really act fast to win this. The fact that it's randomly generated as well, is awesome. Really good game! Keep up the good work!

I found a bug that is if you place down chests or crop plots (for trees or not) before your first save, when you save, if you place down anymore chests or cropplots, anything you put in them will be deleted upon the next save. This is a horrible bug that made me lose 2 chests full of wood. Now I'm low on wood. Anyway, please fix. Thanks :D