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Lot of control bugs but REALLY like the idea of this

The noise that would drive my Parents mad for hours lol

Good gameplay. Pitich to Tic Tacs as a promo game lol ;)

Love it. Great art. Music is fantastic. Gameplay really difficult :)

Really liked this! Game play is fast and furious. Good music too

:) Fast Robot Arena. Sounds a blast lol

Looks great. Music got on ma nerves lol. The movement is way too slow to respond

Like the concept :)

Cool looking candy ship on the menu :)

For some reason I was really rubbish at it lol. Good though, enjoyed the music

Really well made. Nice!

Cool! Bit dark lol. I fell forever after the garden

Level is really pretty. Would love to see what that character will actually move like. Jiggle that belly!

Something very satisfying about the game mechanics. Really good! 

Speed it up! Like the concept. Got me thinking :)