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yes that helps. I was trying to think of them more like Stunts in FATE, but that makes sense given the lack of a space to define them on the character sheet.

thanks again!

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Also, am I reading correctly that in your first mission your ONLY loadout is your vocational item? (unless you Rummage?)

I like the way your game is put together, but one thing is confusing me - Stunts are never defined anywhere? Even in the breathless SRD unless I'm missing something...

I get the idea that they're a 'moment of cool', but are they defined at the start of play as Your Stunt is X, or can it be a different...maneuver each time you refresh?

Hey we played this tonight - nicely constructed!

One question - why did you change the sherrif's name? Just to avoid conflict with official material?

please tell me Rock Murray is a repainted Mick Rory...hilarious!

Hey quick question - have you had any thoughts about a Jenga-less mode of play? I would like to play with a friend who is a huge Highlander fan, but she has MS and asking her to pull blocks is a recipe for failure. Not a criticism of your game development at all, just trying to think of an accessible alternative.

My first thought is toying with the odds of pulling Swords cards from a tarot deck...

hey, the current version of digitalQUICK seems to be a duplicate of the full 158 page game.

does the system allow you to 'purchase' a copy after you've claimed a community copy?

YoJambo community · Created a new topic How's it going?

As is my usual way, I'm getting much more done in the last 48 than I did the first three weeks... it was all that research and ruminating, yeah that's the ticket...

  • PCs done!
  • Player-side write-up done-ish
  • GM-instructions mostly done
  • Plot...wait...crap, I knew I forgot something!

Love the cover art! Looking forward to reading this later...

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I think technically A Fistful of Dollars is the direct adaptation, but FAFDM definitely continues the tropes!

YoJambo community · Created a new topic Related Works

Just in case people don't know, there are several movies that are 'based on' "Yojimbo". The most famous of which is the Western "A Fistful of Dollars" starring Clint Eastwood, but also:

  • Last Man Standing (1996) 
  • Omega Doom (1996)
  • Django (1966)
  • The Warrior and the Sorceress (1984)