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I was influenced to create this by Katamari Damacy.  I really appreciated the amount of objects you could collect in that game. The areas are full of a rich selection of objects. I thought I would create a series of asset packs containing similarly styled objects that are accurate, simple and bold.  I went the extra mile and made twice the amount that was in that game. I searched for a list of the most popular vegetables and I hope this pack covers all that anyone would need. If not, then I shall add more! This is the first pack. I will probably do fruits next.

Here is the store page.

You can see a preview on sketchfab here.

My new game Super Minesweeper attACK is minesweeper with added extras. there is a campaign mode and a virtual pet. It is set up for user created skins and campaigns.
If you like minesweeper, why not give this a try? I have 40 free keys to start off with because I was unable to test it on other PC's. I Don't know if any bugs will happen on other PC's but hopefully if they do, I can fix them pretty sharpish!
Give it a look here -