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OK.  I just thought the UI was confusing.  For the backgrounds you get a little lock symbol to indicate what you haven't unlocked.  For the bosses, they don't appear to be locked or disabled.  I just can't choose any one but the first.

I expected to unlock a new boss as soon as I completed the current one. It may make sense to permit unlocking the next boss without the required XP if you complete the previous one.  Grinding on a hard boss but never completing it could still be an option to unlock even harder bosses (but good luck beating those!).

I'm guessing only Early Dracula is implemented at the moment?

Super fun!  I managed to beat the first boss on my third try.

I think the graveyard shovel may be buggy.  It allows me to put a card back in my playing lane but, after I use the shovel, all my remaining cards just have the discard action.

Other thoughts.  I was a bit irked that my remaining resources reset after each round.  The game would undeniably be easier if you kept your resources but it would also permit some multi-round strats like saving up for an expensive card.  I'm sure you considered this though and balanced the game with this in mind.

The description is off above "Then if minions exist in the lane they will attack" should probably be "monsters"

Awesome!  Glad to see you enjoyed my little game :)

Nice job figuring out the last level!  I honestly don't remember the optimal  bubble count per level.  You certainly have the smallest count from anyone else who has beaten the game and posted their scores :)


I'm pretty much done with that game but there always seems to be something else to add :)  At the moment, I'm working on Undo support which should make the game a little more fair.

Nice work!  You win!  I'm pretty sure you're the first person to ever beat this ;)

18 is a bit lame, yeah.  I haven't quite worked out an elegant solution for it yet.

Nice work!

Consider checking out this template with touch controls for phones:

I use a modified version here:

In Chrome, if you open the dev tools, you can simulate a phone with touch controls, reload the page and see what the controls look like for different phone sizes.

Touch controls come from:

I modified the template to make the buttons fit better for this game and to add a Menu button (missing from the template).

As for lag, I just uploaded binaries for Windows, Mac, and Linux so maybe give one of those a try?