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This game is awesome. I loved every moment of it. Worf and the rest of the tenants were hilarious. When worf said he would not come back if damon had pretzels and all it took was damon saying the word pretzels get me laughing my ass off. 

I am 17 years old almost 18. I have dealt with suicidal thoughts since I could remember. I always thought I was a burden and that any misfortune that fell on my mom was my fault. I got sexually abused when was 4 by cousin of my stepdad. Then when I was 15 up until I was 16 by my stepdad who I had know all my life and considered my father. When I finally told my mom, everything that I held in and ignored came out. My thoughts of suicide became so loud that I could not ignore anymore. And at times everything becomes too much for me that I can't function normally. And I wish I could reach out to my mom but she has so much on her plate that have to comfort myself. If I ever have anxiety or a panic attack I calm myself down. But it always comes back without fail. No matter how much I want to end it I remind myself how selfish I am. And although I feel guilt and shame for having those thoughts I have stay for my mom who has been through so much for me. But I unfortunately feel so alone.

 It was so beautiful and I has struck a chord within me. I am very thankful for this game.