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bad luck >:)

Its to be expected for there to be a few weird bugs, you guys did amazingly for the time you had to make the game

My only issue was that I was softlocked after winning on round 19 when it said there were -3 enemies remaining 


I spent 20 minutes minmaxing my dice stats on the first enemy lmao

great game, if you extended it further you could prolly release it on steam

Forgot to add in instructions, Use qweadzxc for attacking in different directions, getting hit or buying anything will remove your combo, multiplier, and score at the start of the wave. you use your score to buy and the multiplier is uncapped;

Cool Game :) just sad that at level ten when I rolled the dice it disappeared and softlocked me :( 9/10

Will do, just finished making a game too(very bad) for a game jam

Ah that sucks, ill play it when the jam ends cuz it seems like it will be fun :)

I came here from the video and i cant find anywhere to download the game

Fun to play, a little confusing if you dont read the tutorial but not bad at all

Where can we play the game, I may just be blind but I cant see any way to install the game or play online

Fixed my submission

Oh shit, tysm, im doing that now

took me a few refreshes to figure it out, good game btw :)

Good luck everybody :)

(2 edits)

In the very start of the game if you shoot the starting ship as it spawns it will crash your game

edit: Nevermind, the game just crashes for me when the first enemy appears, thanks to it spawning so many projectiles the game crashes

edit 2: NeverNevermind, apparently that is part of the game, just wanted me to make a bomb

Is calling it dadicated like dadification, like if i go on go dot is it gonna be just spewing out dad jokes and go build a shed or something?

I broke the game by accidentally walking out of the stage in the gta5 thing and cant get back in

I just beat it and thought it was pretty hard, then read the control options and found out THERE ARE WEAPONS

My experience is watching brackeys tutorial and almost finishing a pong game. I just dont expect anyone to have less experience than that

Got no work, school or life. I will outclass all of you in time i can spend on this, also outclass all of you in my inexperience in making unity games.

Ok so here is my unfiltered review. The game is really fun, a bit difficult with a lack of proper tutorial but it is fun even if i did need to die 6 times to fully understand the game and 3 more for a good strategy. Good game with one major issue. The Floor 25 fight. The boss is annoying as all hell to beat, I am running a more defensive build where all my damage comes from boost, mirror, and terrain die so the boss has become impossible to get past its second form. the first form took me 10 minutes to beat, a lot of that due to a visual glitch where the enemies die would appear places they aren't and appear to be other die, like a heal die secretly be an attack die or a boost die secretly being a blank space, such a obvious bug that I'm astonished it went past testing unless i am incredibly unlucky and this is a rare bug but I've had it happen 200 times in a row for me, this with the fact the boss has scaling healing and defense is making this so horrid to play, its impossible for me to beat the boss anyways because of the fact it just heals back up and any buffs you place it will place a heal die on it so you just heal the enemy more, pre level 25 8/10 at lv 25 0/10 I am honestly just disappointed and I wanted to beat the game too, spent hours of my life to do so but simply cannot. please please please in the future do more bug tests and balance tests before you release an update or playthrough or a good game can become a shit one real quick.

a astoundingly good game!

very detailed game with a great and vast story line, made even better with its dialogue on our current social climate