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Found Apotris by chance and just had a go on my Miyoo Mini. Love that it follows guidelines, has a couple fun gameplay modes and that there are options for the visuals. Music is banging too. All in all, this might be my new favorite tetris version.

That’s a massive update and the audio loop export is so very welcomed!

So after almost reaching the end I took a break from the game. Installed the update and was ready to finish the story. Well, the update wiped my save file … I started the game fresh and breezed trough it.

I guess I should be mad about this but the truth is, after a couple angry minutes I didn’t mind, the game is such a relaxing und innocent experience and I just wish there would be even more content - but I guess there is. I have a dozen different fish to catch and at least two treasures yet to find.

I actually like the line break. It almost looks like poetry.

And it’s all good, the end justify the means and all that. You are truly a great creator. I’m always looking forward experiencing your work.

I greatly enjoy your creative output and this is no exception.

Regarding your educational needs, I’ll let you know that you can view **every ** twine story like it’s yours. Just download the html file and import it in twine …

In fact, I’m looking at your map in detail right now, for educational purposes ☺

Well, this was a pleasant surprise. I’m just here by accident and it was a happy accident after all.

Please make more games! :)

Evil has been defeated forever! … Or has it? :D That was an enjoyable journey, thanks for the game!

Buy now for $ 4,20 eh? :D nice

Very useful tool indeed! I only miss the option to pause animated gifs and go frame by frame.

Looks interesting, I really like the abundant choice of graphic modes.

That's quite nice indeed. Would be really cool to get the whole screen filtered and maybe even a menu to tinker with the settings (like you get with SWTG, GA ...).