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played the pico-8 version on the Miyoo Mini+ and only wish for more levels. Pixel art is so well done and the animations are so smooth and with great attention to detail! Nice chip tune music too. The controls are great too, very responsive and snappy, it just feels right. I’d love to see a bigger release. There isn’t much to do, apart from navigating the maze and finding stuff to progress further but this makes it all the more charming and relaxing. Quality work all around and totally recommended

I like milk and weird games, especially free. Thank you and happy birthday.

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Found Apotris by chance and just had a go on my Miyoo Mini. Love that it follows guidelines, has a couple fun gameplay modes and that there are options for the visuals. Music is banging too. All in all, this might be my new favorite tetris version.

That’s a massive update and the audio loop export is so very welcomed!

So after almost reaching the end I took a break from the game. Installed the update and was ready to finish the story. Well, the update wiped my save file … I started the game fresh and breezed trough it.

I guess I should be mad about this but the truth is, after a couple angry minutes I didn’t mind, the game is such a relaxing und innocent experience and I just wish there would be even more content - but I guess there is. I have a dozen different fish to catch and at least two treasures yet to find.

I actually like the line break. It almost looks like poetry.

And it’s all good, the end justify the means and all that. You are truly a great creator. I’m always looking forward experiencing your work.

I greatly enjoy your creative output and this is no exception.

Regarding your educational needs, I’ll let you know that you can view **every ** twine story like it’s yours. Just download the html file and import it in twine …

In fact, I’m looking at your map in detail right now, for educational purposes ☺

Well, this was a pleasant surprise. I’m just here by accident and it was a happy accident after all.

Please make more games! :)

Evil has been defeated forever! … Or has it? :D That was an enjoyable journey, thanks for the game!

Buy now for $ 4,20 eh? :D nice

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Thank you! I downloaded Inform 7 and had a look at the documentation and very novel approach at crafting text based digital storytelling.

There are a few quirks and annoyances. Every code update takes much longer than it should, I'll have to look into this (already excluded the programm folder from Windows Defender). The documentation inside the program seems not fully updated to the last iteration, some nomenclature and colours supposedly have been changed). The version I'm running is from 2015, which makes me a little cautious. 

Still, it is an easy to use yet powerful tool for sure. I shall continue exploring its possibilites.

You da real OP :D - thank you, I'll check it out!

Come on, OP :D don't leave us hanging. What's the name of the other program?

Very useful tool indeed! I only miss the option to pause animated gifs and go frame by frame.

Looks interesting, I really like the abundant choice of graphic modes.

That's quite nice indeed. Would be really cool to get the whole screen filtered and maybe even a menu to tinker with the settings (like you get with SWTG, GA ...).