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You're using a concrete color palette for them? Which? 

thanks, lol

Thanks a lot!

Yeah, I think the mouse update and so will be after the next update, I will add the gameplay settings menu where that will be able to change the value. I will also do some level things to be more clear in the interaction so people don't get stuck on rooms and have a clear path xd

Thanks a lot!
Yeah, lot of things like all the ones you mentioned are going to be added or updated soon

Muchísimas gracias! Respondiendo a tú comentario sobre el nivel: Sí, la aventura se volverá más lineal o guiada cuando se añadan un par de cosas que faltaron, igualmente ese elemento de terror fue lo que busqué desde cierto punto, obviamente sin descartar la acción la cuál falta pulir con las próximas actualizaciones. 

thanks a lot! :D

Thanks a lot, really appreciate your feedback :D

I would like to say or comment more, but you have said all lol

Thanks for all!

Yeah, the hurt-life system in the game lacks a lot of visual feedback for the player, sorry for that :L

Also, I didn't knew the intro doesn't load in full screen lol, in fact the game crashed the first time I hit play on the export xd

There's no game dynamic data, we don't save any kind of file on the game due to it's a jam game lol

Yeah, I know, I forget to add the back button on the Credits Menu, sorry for that xd

If the game crashes... I can't do nothing, it even crashed to me many times after make the export, but before the export it never crashed :l

Thanks for all!

There's a lot to update, but I think this will keep like this currently :s

thanks a lot!

Unfortunately I don't think so :c

Mostly cause we don't had Linux to test it and (at least by my part) idk if there's gonna be any update with new exports, also, I think Godot 4.1 stills a bit broken and some game problems are from that :s

Btw, we used your shader preprocessor with my adds lol

Anyways, we can see to try a Linux export

Yeah, the health system was done almost at the end before submit and I didn't had the energy and the time to add more feedback like some screen effect or a SFX.

Thanks for all!

Was private because we requested one more day to finish it.

Sorry for that

thanks a lot!

Sure! Thanks!

You're making a great work! I'm preparing a lot of textures (and using some of the previous packs from you) for a Final Fantasy Tactics game (I'm scaling them to be 32x32)

Thank you so much!

And ye, I realized what you said about the endgame and the difficulty once the game was made.

Probably I will update the game on the week or start a new project with this idea as the base :D

thanks a lot and sure I will play your game and rate!

btw, I didn't thought about that fact of the image tbh, it's an interesting pov xd

Quite nice idea, I like it!

thanks! xd

At least you have a woman drinking milk and a muscled John Travolta xD

In fact when i was uploading the woman with the milk mustache i thought about if would be considered nsfw or something like that, at the end i didn't care so much tbh hahah
Anyways, thank you so much!

thanks a lot!



yeah, that's why it can be disabled with the button on the side of the music volume one 

thanks a lot! ^^

No problem


I had never seen it like that, I like your point of view

tbh i did it without thinking too much about the limitation because i knew from the beginning that i was going to make this game or something similar to this xd

thanks for the feedback!

thanks xD

lol xD


In fact the background with the field and the cow where from a project i sketched around 2021 as a dream project similar to this concept, it was going to be called Talk with The Black Screen or something like that xd

Thank a lot! And there will be more coming soon :D

Great artwork and idea, easy to understand but hard to control the timming. :D

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Great music and concept!

It's hard and funny, maybe with some shooting mechanics could be an interesting concept and would even equilibrate the difficulty :D

Very good idea, i liked the art also :D

cute uwu

I liked the smooth movement of the player, also, the art it's good and I understood the windows reference xD