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We got played by GirlGotGame. Check it out here: 

Thank you!

Thank you for playing it and recording as well as the cool graphic :D

Thank you! <3 I'm glad you enjoyed it!

It was made for last year's O2A2 jam, which has a limit of 1k words (among other things that are limited to 1). I also wished there was more to this so I started writing an expanded version in novel format. It's not out yet, though.

The game has been played by GirlGotGame! You can watch the playthrough here: 

Thank you so much for playing! <3

Hey! I loved playing this! Looking forward to the full release <3 

Thank you, CurioShade! We will be releasing an extended version in a few weeks, so it's good to know where there are missing things :) I hope to fix everything!

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A visual novel about a trans mtf magical girl with a flying rabbit companion who gets to mentor a new female magical girl and they fall in luv. If this sounds as cool to you as it does to me, I'm currently looking for team for this - artists (sprite, cg, bg) and programmer (any engine). I'm enby myself and a writer with experience with both jams and industry work. I run Transparent Games, you can check me out here: Feel free to add on discord Lavinnia#8840

Hello, I'm a writer and I'm looking for a programmer and background artist for a jam that runs for another 13 days :) Here's the story idea:

It's romance/fantasy/slice of life/time travel. A short visual novel.

Thank you! Please contact me on discord Lavinnia#8840

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Hello, the SuNoFes game jam starts on the 1st of July and runs for 2 months. I'm looking for a team willing to make a romance sfw visual novel about mermaids with a female/enby (choosable pronouns) protagonist and 3 love interests (male, enby and female). Keep in mind that this is jam work, so everyone is working unpaid and the game will be released for free. It will be completed in 2 months and there are no plans for further development.

I have experience working on jams and I'm working as a freelance writer for a visual novel currently. Here is my portfolio: and here is my itch: I participated in the otome game jam for which I wrote 27k words in a month. The game is called Song of Glass, a Slavic fantasy romance visual novel, and should be out at the end of the month. All that's left is one cg and and the programming and the team is working hard on that. I also run Transparent Games and often continue the relationship with people I've met on jams into commercial work (

Currently we have all the positions filled and are just looking for a cg artist/illustrator who would be willing to make 4 pieces of art for us in the span of 2 months.

Summary: Protagonist - Charlotte - is a bit of a stuck-up girl. One day she swims too far away from shore because she is oh so confident she’s the best swimmer. She drowns and gets rescued by the antagonist (Isabella). Antagonist grants her a mermaid tail and the ability to breathe underwater but she is tasked with stealing the green pearl from the mermaid kingdom. If she doesn't, the antagonist will take her voice in a month. She infiltrates the mermaid kingdom and tries to first find out where they are keeping the pearl and then how to get it out. And should she even do this to the kingdom? What is more valuable, the voice of an aspiring singer or the kingdom of mermaids?

Here's a link to the jam:

Please contact me on discord Lavinnia#8840

Thank you, have a great day and I hope you forever have fun with your projects!


Hello, I'm an architect and I work in landscape architecture. In my free time I do maps and I want to expand into backgrounds. 

Here is my portfolio:
I'm looking for a free or rev-share project that wants background art like this: up to 10 backgrounds with a longer deadline.

Please contact me on discord under Anna Maria Kończak#8840

I now have a behance! I've completed work on a 2d platformer background. I would also be interested in rev-share.

Thank you very much! <3 

When you're looking for a map or background artist, please contact me. Your project sound interesting.

Posted a link to google drive. I'll think of a better way when I get home. 

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Thanks for telling me I'll fix that. 

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Hello, I'm an architect and I recently started selling my art due to loss of a job. My speciallity are maps, but I can also do backgrounds for platformers as well as items. I'm looking for commercial projects.  I might also be interested in rev share, if I like your project.

Here's a sample of my style, but I am also flexible and can adapt. 

Here is the selection of my works: