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Nigel G

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Haha this was phenomenal - loved the bee pun names, but when I had to send them off to battle I felt real loss. Your game made me feel!

Loved it! I had to try really hard to find ways the game mechanics could be improved, and in the process found two small bugs: 1) one of my wooden boxes clipped through a wall and out of reach when I hit it with my hook 2) the floating platform that moved <<<  >>> moved out from under my player so I had to keep walking with the platform's movement (or else I would fall off).  This second one could be fixed with "Layer" tags. Overall, though I loved this.

Very cool! It took me a minute to understand how the game related to the theme, but when I finally got it, was super pleased with what you did. Cute, simple graphics, audio is a nice touch.

Wow I love this