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Alright, thanks for the info. Fixed the UI problem by switching to an another account on my PC.

Alright, finally launched it. all i had to do was switch to my second account on my PC. Thanks for the help though, sorry if i was annoying.

Thanks, but when i launch the installer for the Visual C++ thing, it just tells me that "The system cannot find the path specified." I did try searching up a fix for that, but still can't find anything.

MewnBase community · Created a new topic Game doesn't start

Hello, i got mewnbase in the racial justice bundle and when i either launch the game from the itch launcher or the .zip file, nothing happens. No error message, nothing launches. Any help?

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I bought this game in the racial justice bundle, and i have two questions: I read the page and it apparentally comes with a steam key? where do i get it?
And when i launch the game either from the itch launcher or just from the .zip file, the UI is completely broken. 
can anyone help?