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Thanks for citing The Nostalgia for Norull! Forgotten Ballad ( is also heavily inspired by The Legend Of Zelda series.

Oh I knew one day someone would make a game like this, but this is so much better than I could have ever imagined it. I don't even like PbtA but I'll certainly give this a good read and try to play it.

Opa, muito obrigado!

Olha sobre as artes não sei, não conheço Bloodborne, e eu peguei elas aqui no itch mesmo, do artista Roque Romero.

Thank you!

Thanks for the review!

I wanted to limit myself to the 2-page format I created for the previous jam, so due to the size limitation I had to cut some stuff, like the consequences of a defeat to Mashtru. 

Losing to him would require the PCs to make some form of deal with Mashtru, and I think this is a great opportunity for future quests involving, for instance, a mission the devil gives them or a way to free themselves from the contract. And maybe they could still count with the help of Gyitael and Hij.

Hopefully I got enough to comission this beautiful sheet (thanks to In*die Zine). And with or without funding, version 1.0 will soon be available!

Thank you very much Beth!

Wow, thank you very much Beth!


Thanks for the review, pal!

I hope you like it!


No, the font is PR Viking.


If it is not asking for too much, could you provide an example of a group of players trying to play a song? I don't know if I got everything right.

Hey, I got a few questions:

  • The pamphlet version and the final version (which I'd love to own, but don't) use the same rules?
  • Is there a third-party license?
  • What about a compatibility logo and resources for creators?


Seeing some examples of what you think are good Mork Börg style designs would be nice to get some inspiration.

I've done it before but I feel I have only tackled the surface of weirdness!

Nice, thanks!

This is explained in the pdf:


1. Alternative spelling of delete (verb: remove or obliterate written or printed matter, especially by drawing a line through it or marking it with a delete sign; remove data from a computer’s memory; noun: a command or key on a computer which erases text).

2. A portmanteau composed from the words delete and eat.

3. Latin: third-person singular present active subjunctive of deleo (verb: destroy, annihilate, extirpate; finish, terminate)."

Totally acceptabble Joe! Thank you for your submission.

Well, I really liked it (it is an interesting and simple way to make a paladin's oath mechanically meaningful and it makes me curious about your ideas for the other classes) and it is my jam so...

I love making those, there are already two volumes by now!

Thanks pal!


We know.

Thanks! :)

That's interesting!

Hello everyone!

The jam will begin soon. What are your ideas so far?

My idea was to cut and paste pieces of the rules and stat blocks to create a simpler, faster, skirmish game.

I also probably won't miss the chance to use beholders and mind flayers in some way.

How about you?

Thanks! :)

Thanks bro!

In 2017 there was a challenge of writing a game with 270 characters, and I created a game called Warrior (with 53 words):

"Characters have 1-10 HP. Initiative is 0 or 1. Players in a duel cross hands, then call odds or evens with none, one or adding up two hands. Each opened hand causes 1 DMG, and each closed hand absorbs 1 DMG. Winner gets +1 permanent HP and decides the fate of the loser."

Thanks ex1st, and thanks to everyone else who participated!

Wow, thank you very much!

I think I've rated most of the games that are free or have community copies, even though I only had the chance to read them and though I have not made any comments. I see commenting could take a lot of time but it does not hurt taking a look at what other people have done and leaving your impressions in the ratings, and maybe commenting on the ones you've liked the most. Otherwise this whole thing loses some of its meaning.

I'm an anxious person, what were the results?

Glad you liked it pal! :)

Glad you liked it! :)

The original (and much bigger) game that used those rules, was a solo / gm-less coop game. 

I did not finish it, but the rules were thought for a solo game and, in fact, I have other solo games in PT-BR that use similar rules.

Thus, I think it can be easily played solo with any oracle and a few personalized tables.

Wow, I'd love to play a quick one shot with a bunch of goblin friends using this! Do you recommend any ruleset? I feel a very simple GM-less game would work great.

Oh, had not seen that comment until now, sorry!
Not sure I can give any tips on how to find PD art. I just look for them in many different places. But Gontijo made a good selection that you may find somewhere in his social networks.

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Woohoo, managed a speedrun of this jam and already wrote my entry. 1500 words is a great number!

Now to the layout!

If I understand what you mean and if I recall it well, since it all revolves around the Princess, I started creating both the lands and the quest by the Palace.