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The original (and much bigger) game that used those rules, was a solo / gm-less coop game. 

I did not finish it, but the rules were thought for a solo game and, in fact, I have other solo games in PT-BR that use similar rules.

Thus, I think it can be easily played solo with any oracle and a few personalized tables.

Wow, I'd love to play a quick one shot with a bunch of goblin friends using this! Do you recommend any ruleset? I feel a very simple GM-less game would work great.

Oh, had not seen that comment until now, sorry!
Not sure I can give any tips on how to find PD art. I just look for them in many different places. But Gontijo made a good selection that you may find somewhere in his social networks.

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Woohoo, managed a speedrun of this jam and already wrote my entry. 1500 words is a great number!

Now to the layout!

If I understand what you mean and if I recall it well, since it all revolves around the Princess, I started creating both the lands and the quest by the Palace.

I'll try to make a magazine like "Dragon" but for a fictional alternative to D&D.

This jam is SO my vibe! I want to write a lot of stuff for it, though I am working hard on my dissertation so I am not sure I'll have the time.

I have a publication that may fit the jam, though: it is a fictional academic journal on the also fictional field of archæoludonarratology, that is, the study of lost ancient roleplaying games.

What do you guys think? Should I submit it?

(BTW, the Archæoludonarratological Academy Journal is always open for submissions).

Feel free to translate it, the whole content is licensed under creative commons, only attribution required!

I played Last Oath and I feel I could play it again and again.

Its OSR-ish rule system, which could easily be used to play regular group or solo campaigns, can be adapted to the way you would like to play this gamebook — with more or less lethality, with or without classes, etc. —, due to the many options it provides.

It comes with a map, which you may or may not use (I did) to guide yourself in this dungeon, and both the way it describes its rooms and the way it lets you explore them allow for different playstyles.

Its thematic is fantastic and mysterious and made me want to keep adventuring in this post-apocalyptic fantasy world with the character I could finish the dungeon with, Zarathus, the Sage. The dungeon feels alive and it is very well connected to the story and even to the system itself (especially to the magic items' mechanics).

Finally, the book is illustrated by the author himself, and it seems to me that the art can communicate the tone and the weirdness of the setting. I wish I could draw for my games too (and I wish we could see more of this, rather than so much artificially produced imagery).

TL;DR: it's good, you should get it!

The days I spent playing those games on my GBC paid off then!

Thanks! :)

Glad you enjoyed it!

Wow, thanks! :)

Yes, Borges was an influence in writing this game. Almost all place and character names come from his short stories, especially Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius.

Hi Christopher! I'll send you an email right now!

Of course! Let's talk about it. You can email me at or dm me at

I'm addicted to this!

wendi is, in fact, a MONSTER of game design. I do not fear to exaggerate when I say this is a work of genius. 

This is genius. That's it: get Kismet and go play it.

Thank you very much pal! That makes me extremely happy!

I am creating a short supplement with optional rules on limited vocabulary!


Thanks, pal! :)

Thanks, pal! :) Have you played it solo yet?

Thanks, pal! :)

I already know how I'll use this!

Simply the best pocket monster game there is! Can't wait to solo it!

Elegant design and rules. Congrats!

I'back to tell you that I added M.O.R.G. as the oracle for my entry to this year's LATAM JAM.

Great game! I even used the advancement rules of From the Mud as a basis for the ones in my entry to this year's LATAM JAM.

I'm back! Did you see I used the Iron Core concept for the crafting rules in my entry to this year's LATAM JAM?

Thanks pal! It is great to hear that there is interest in Brazilian RPGs out there!

Wow, this is not only gorgeous, but the rules are also great! Congratulations!

I just posted on my blog about Destroy all Dungeons! Death to all Dragons!, but it is in portuguese. Basically, this game is about a portion of a setting I have been working on for a decade (called Abysses & Aberrations), the Domains of the Dragons, lands once ruled by the Duar (how the dwarves call themselves), but invaded and now under the tyranny of the dragonlords, who enslaved the Duar. The game is about their struggle to free themselves from submission and to expel the draconic aberrations from their lands. It is inscribed in the larger setting of Erdar, but is a stand-alone game; also, its rules are modular, and I have not created a single new mechanic for it, using rules from seven different LATAM games, instead. Since the dwarves are basically communist, I decided it would be interesting to make sharing a key element of the system, thus combining and adapting so many different mechanics instead of creating my own. I hope you like this game!

Hit me up if you need a key.


About your question, let me explain it this way: faced with two possibilities (ex.: does the monster notice me, yes or no?), there is one that would be worse for your hero, but easier to happen (it does notice me), thus LIKELY, and one that would be better for your hero, but harder to happen (it does not notice me), thus UNLIKELY. The way it is, it is more probable that the LIKELY one happens, but you can try to push your luck into the less probable one, risking a MISFORTUNE (ex.: it noticed me even before I noticed it and is gonna ambush me). I hope it's clearer now!

Thanks, pal! The fond memories I have of the hours and hours I spent as a kid on my GBC were a great inspiration indeed.

Thanks, Gabes, you're great!

I just released this short game, The Nostalgia for Norull (, and I would love to see it translated to Brazilian Portuguese (don't know if I'll have the time to do it myself) or Spanish (can't do it). If there is interest, I'll make a text-only version of it. Once the translation is done, I'll fill the layout and publish it on the same page. Any other games of mine are also available for translation!

The oracle does not answer "Likely" or "Unlikely"; you choose one answer as likely and the other one as unlikely. Example: "Did I find a magic item?", "Yes" being unlikely, and "No" being likely. Thus, if you get a "No", you have reason to push, but risk, for instance, getting a cursed item.