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I've been reading several ttrpgs with the idea of running superhero games for some time, and I think Longshot City is finally the one I would love to take to my gaming table. Within its pages, the Troika! system is adapted to allow for powerful characters, with dozens of powers and different origins. Trying to recreate your favorite comic book characters by exploring its tables is already a fun game in itself, enjoying the gret new options you can play with these. However, with the choices it offers, it's best to embrace its madness and create a more random character, in search of a new superhero you have never imagined before.

Even without having an extensive section dedicated to its setting, all entries and tables exude information about Longshot City. The city map is filled with evocative locations where chaos and common (and not so common) adventures can unfold for your game, with a very special mention for the antagonists compiled in the manual. They serve both as examples of the type of characters you can create and help establish more information about Longshot's setting. I find it especially admirable that (except for a few cases) almost all the rivals are characters that may initially frighten or confuse you but are not inherently evil; they just need to be listened to and a helping hand.

The three styles of art presented in the manual, one more epic and cosmic, darker and more terrifying in others, and even a more underground one, provide different visions on how to develop your own adventures. The texts are precise and fluid, and overall, delving into the intertwined world within its pages is a super fun experience.

It really makes some noise, and it tastes of acid chalk (for good)

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Thank you for finding some use for these ;D

Hope they do, that's the idea. Hope to do more or in other genres someday ;D

Hope to see these, glad you find these of use

Glad you like it ;D

Thanks for your kind words, so glad to give something useable with such a cool game

Gad you found it ;D

So AWESOME!!! It really spills the gasoline before the burning match. Reading the book (And translating stuff to Spanish, or I will be not able to play it ever!) and really loving it.

Thanks for the great work. (I have played some Urban Shadows and tried to DM Monsterhearts back in the day, but prefer your take in the genre).

PD: We will need another playlist someday, but mostly with teenage female angst (Some L7, Babes in Toyland, Distillers and their friends lighting the hellfire).

You8 are completely right, will take good note of it in case I fix some stuff around it someday, thanks a lot.

My pleasure ;D

Gracias, apañero ;D

Perfect, so glad these find some use, lots of energy for that project, dyin' to see it

My pleasure, hope you find some use for these ;D

Thanks for your kind words... Some of these centuries I shall do a new batch of these...

It was super great, thanks for doing it ;D

Thanks very much, glad you found use for these... Should add a line in the file about how to credit me, but I'm such a lazy piece of work XXXD

Hi! Roque Romero i more than enough, maybe adding my twitter acound if possible, @RoqueRomeroRua, but yeah, name is only I ask for ;D

Thanks, glad you liked it. Hope to do some more of these soon.

Thanks, glad you liked it, will do more packs, hope these are as inspiring as this one ;D

Great, will do some of these and upload them, thanks for letting me in  and thanks for your great work ;D

Hi there, since I'm afraid I'm not a writer but still love Liminal and would love to collab on the jam, is a free art pack interesting for people working on the jam or mostly nope?

Can do little pack/s of 5 images or so and upload them asap if these can be of use to other people...

Thanks very much, hope to do more some day...

These were done using the MIDJOURNEY AI. The same goes for the background of the first spread.

sounds messy XXXD

Such a pretty weird scary encounter...

4 ever! XXXXD

Thanks for your kind words... I'm afraid my layout buddy is lost in the wilderness, but if he pops up someday will ask him about it ;D

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Hi there, thanks for this thread. I'm a little busy right now but if I can come with an art pack or some small doodles if needed, would love to participate on the Jam, cheers.

Discord: RoqueRomero#1755

Here you can see some of my stuff

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So vile and tasty!

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So awesome, thanks for sharing your thoughts about it, and yes, you are completely correct about our inspiration: Fantastic Planet or the work of surrealist painter Remedios Varo are there, or works like the cryptic Codex Seraphinianus or the Voynich Manuscript were on the back of our heads, with some Polish movie posters and more tasty stuff. Thanks so much for your time and your kind words, Ray ;D

Thanks for such an enormous compliment, hope you find it fun and inspiring once you read it ;D

Thanks for your kind words, hope these are fun to use! Hope to do some more someday.

Thanks very much, Carne Guisada. Truth is I really want to continue it someday, reaching 100 or... 200 characters... Or maybe try it for other games... (Working on a Troika! spehere for a jam right now, but the art style is completely different). Thanks for your kind words and hope you put it to good use.

I really love ItLoaGS and is always great to have new stuff to play with (While playing my first game had to come with a random mutation table based in one half shown by Nate Treme in a play report but adding some new odd ones and really wanted to write one but never have time for it).
I'm not completely sure about the need of a new stat (I know the three ones don't always seem to cover all possible circumstances) but would love to try it to see how it goes and really love the table of psionic tables.
Thanks very much for this, Peter ;D

Thanks, Jeremy. Knowing someone laughed reading it really made my day. Hope they are cool enough characters once they jump on your Bastionland ;D

Wow, thanks for your kind words, Reptilian Esoterica ;D

Thanks for the offering, I can do it but with some time (I'm doing the layout for another project in an Electric Bastionland jam, and since someone else is doing the layout for Hexdrive, I did not feel that inspired to work much more on my tables, but maybe could do. Thanks again, Kisnerp!

Ok, thanks for answering, Kisnerp. So I will upload it and in the worst case will erase or format it after the deadline...

I'm afraid I did not give my entry a proper layout, since Anxiety Wizard is going to do it, so publishing a raw .txt as my first project is a little discouraging... Can I share my submission here?