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I've been reading several ttrpgs with the idea of running superhero games for some time, and I think Longshot City is finally the one I would love to take to my gaming table. Within its pages, the Troika! system is adapted to allow for powerful characters, with dozens of powers and different origins. Trying to recreate your favorite comic book characters by exploring its tables is already a fun game in itself, enjoying the gret new options you can play with these. However, with the choices it offers, it's best to embrace its madness and create a more random character, in search of a new superhero you have never imagined before.

Even without having an extensive section dedicated to its setting, all entries and tables exude information about Longshot City. The city map is filled with evocative locations where chaos and common (and not so common) adventures can unfold for your game, with a very special mention for the antagonists compiled in the manual. They serve both as examples of the type of characters you can create and help establish more information about Longshot's setting. I find it especially admirable that (except for a few cases) almost all the rivals are characters that may initially frighten or confuse you but are not inherently evil; they just need to be listened to and a helping hand.

The three styles of art presented in the manual, one more epic and cosmic, darker and more terrifying in others, and even a more underground one, provide different visions on how to develop your own adventures. The texts are precise and fluid, and overall, delving into the intertwined world within its pages is a super fun experience.