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Are you going to continue this game?

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Based on a quick Google search I'm defo not the only one asking for the first Adam- game to be published on Android, as I'm only able to play the second. 

Playing this on an android tablet and found myself using the galaxy tab pen, as the game is too sentitive to touch on dialogue choice area (registers my choices wrong before I even manage to properly push on my dialogue answer) but doesn't register touches well when looking for clues or pausing the game. Using Samsung's own pen, it's easier to play and navigate. 

Despite some fact mistakes, like suggesting Alex works 24 hours a day, and ignoring the fact that all hospitals training doctors are university hospitals... This game has a very good atmosprehe and Mayhew is a complex character who definitely gets me going. I'm not sure of where the story is going in the future but hope for non-preachy and "player chooses"-type of content as I honestly can't stand Nick. The music & writing remind me of a very old point n click game series called Gabriel Knight. Especially the 3rd one has similar themes and atmosprehe like in Bound By Night. Highly recommend this game, for now*. 

*Reserving further review after seeing how much freedom and choices the player actually has.

Why censor the android version? Itch allows NSFW content.

You should really publish these games in Android.

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Just my opinion but I don't think there is any justification for the $20 price tag. If anything, it gives you a false sense of a well produced script and game. You're extremely limited to what you can do, and often it's 10 days of the same thing over and over. Illogical. Your aim is to have sex, I guess, and you have to say the right things in order to get laid. The right thing is a choice of words of 3 dialogue options every time. That's literally it. There's no background of characters, the lines are obscure and sometimes in broken English. And there are about 10 lines in the whole game, that get repeated over and over and over again. 

Day 1 wake up - have breakfast (no dialogue) - do army rehearsals (no dialogue) - Thomas: Exactly! - You can visit the gym, showers or Thomas' room - You'll usually say "hot ass" and "I should go". Repeat x100. 

All that background information you see on the game page is there because it's definitely not in the game. 

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I have to agree with this. I only played the demo version, but there literally is no script. Go to sleep, "hot ass" - go to sleep. Broken English and weird reactions, like Thomas saying "Exactly!" after every single day. Exactly.. What? There's NO justification for the 20 dollar price tag. Do yourself a favor and play Bound By Night instead. It's in 3D,has a great script and still more to come! And best of all, it's free.