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You sure can!

This was made for am early gbstudio version. But yes, this is a template and moving across gaps in this case is part of the lack of items

The "_" (space) character is not a actual letter, it just hides the actor that is showing the letter. 

There were only 25 frames available, and the alphabet has 26 letters, thus the lack of one letter, in this case "Q"

It also happens if you lose focus on the screen. It's an engine issue.

The initial dice roll looks much better now!
Also item limitations! yay!

It looks quite balanced so far, I was almost loosing for about 3 times but were able to turn the table against the opponent!

It's coming as DLC ahah


Limitations are the reason. A spritesheet can only contain 25 frames, and the alphabet has 26 characters. So I had to make the difficult executive decison of letting Q go.

I gotcha'!

I made it like this because it was hard to position the player.

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Art, gameplay and soundtrack very well set in for the mood of Portal, or what it would be like if it was made for the GameBoy!

I would maybe add a way for the player to reset the test chamber, in case the Companion Cube gets stuck.

I can see you thought on something of the kind because you have that 'chamber selection' screen working already. But maybe add a way to link the player there without full reset


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However, your game featured a polished story, a good soundtrack and a large set of puzzles! 

Mine is just a template.

All I'm doing here is an opening a portal to this kind of gameplay to people interested in doing so with GB Studio!
edit: (credited your wonderful game as inspiration)

Thank you very much for your critique, and yes you are right, I was in a Far: Lone Sails mood ahaha, I'll try to fix it according to your suggestions on the next update I can manage!

Incredible idea for gameplay. The graphics and sound effects make for a great nostalgic experience. Almost felt like I was in the back of my car playing Mr Game and Watch.


The gameplay is a bit buggy and confusing, but the mood is unique, and that really counts in my book.

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The soundtrack reminds me of Gaston's music from Beauty and the Beast, and that alone sold me on the game!

The art is incredible for the limitations given, and the gameplay is well polished.

This is overall one of the best entries in this Jam, and goes to show what can be done is such little time with a bit of imagination and hardiness!

The soundtrack reminds me of Gaston's music from Beuty and the Beast, and that alone sold me on the game!

The art is incredible for the limitations given, and the gameplay is well polished.

This is overall one of the best entries in this Jam, and goes to show what can be done is such little time with a bit of imagination and hardiness!

Cuteness all around, and a nice usage of the limited systems inside GBStudio.

Kudos to everyone involved!

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Working great!!

And that math, beautiful ;)~

It's a good integration to the Sample Project

2 minute story so far but glad to see it works!!

The art is quite polished and beautiful to look at. The music trips me a bit, but the loop kinda gets better after a little while.

I do think that it could have been taken to a higher plateau if the gameplay did not consist of only maze-like challenges.

Great vibes, music and gameplay. Nice implementation of a battle system, and the options were very Earthbound-like. The art style and dialog improve upon it (as far as the gameboy can handle).Overall one of the best submissions using GBstudio!

Fucking Dorbold, teacher's pet!!

Everything is perfect. Concept, artwork, flow.

I'd just add one thing, a better Dice vs Dice UI, like showing our dice, and then the opponent's

Great idea Manu! Very entertaining and open to new possibilites of gameplay!

I'm glad you've appreciated it. I did enjoy coming up with some kind of short segment that was easy to 'game-fy' ahah

Hit me up if something's not working!

Very neatly designed, good use of the side scroll mechanic and overall interesting story around the subject!

AH! Thank you for giving it a try!

Happy to know that GlaDOS is not critical of my work!

Although, I don't know if that will save me from a neurotoxin bath..

Love is what makes calculators work! I'll add a bit of yours onto mine

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Thank you, amazing what 10 or 11 button presses can achieve!

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I was going to call mine chiropteram, but then the device just gained a mind of its own... 

Very well made and entertaining ;)

Dr. Doyle read  chiropteram's reply and was reminded of the color he was going to use to finish his painting.

Suddenly he heard someone knock at the door.. oh no, he thought, not this again.

Dr. Doyle was reminded of Alexandre, The Great.

He started browsing his library as he knew he had bought a first edition of 'The History Greats Encyclopedia'.

Little did he knew that he had borrowed it to his friend Tom, who had been missing for a month.

Quite a shame, it was a great book.

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As Dr. Doyle read Diguifi's comment, he realized that his paintings had never recieved such heart-warming reviews. Perhaps painting is not an activity the good doctor should continue to pursue..

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Fellas this is it, the best free option for visual scripting on the market. Also you can count by the fingers of your right hand the amount of engines that deploy to the GameBoy. This is a powerful retro engine, mainly for RPG, but like every visual scripter, you can achieve most things if you are intro problem-solving.    

Highly recommend, definitively my software of the year so far. Easily.

Dr. Doyle drew a smile on his newly shaved face.