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same here, its so fun and i love to try and beat my high score 

some of the levels are easy and some are a bit more difficult 馃槀

its a good game馃憤

loved it, sort of wished there was like a huge challenge level but outer then that i loved it :)

100% first try. loved the game, keep it up


love it :)

cant wait

10 / 10


love this game so much love the new saving mechanic and hope there are more to come thanks.

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loved the game finished it but can there be a mode or option were you continue with the game and just fill the space because i was setting up a big plan and colony but i reached the goal and it made me quit. otherwise a very cool game :)

PS its a good game mechanic but it is very hard to get rid of the "dry land" spaces i would suggest many having it less common but its a cool feature rather way thanks for the awesome experience. 

love it its so cute

ps also like all the Easter eggs 

i thought so to 

how odd

This is a truly fun and challenging game that i had a lot of fun with, thanks for the cool experience and I hope you make more awesome  games like this in the future. 

you are such a good dev and i hope you keep it up not a lot of devs actually respond to stuff like that but you did and i think you can make it big in this world keep it up :)

good game and i hope you do well but there was one thing though the game when you were going through a door if you were to close to the top of the door it would faze through the door a  little bit when going through right and left doors but this is a great game and i think hat it will catch on.

so sad

this an amazing game and pleas try to get it on the app store it would do so well

thank you so much your game is awesome