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loved the game finished it but can there be a mode or option were you continue with the game and just fill the space because i was setting up a big plan and colony but i reached the goal and it made me quit. otherwise a very cool game :)

PS its a good game mechanic but it is very hard to get rid of the "dry land" spaces i would suggest many having it less common but its a cool feature rather way thanks for the awesome experience. 

Thank you, and glad you enjoyed the game. I will add an option to continue after the victory in the upcoming update. Also, terraforming probably will be reworked as well to make it a little more logical.

Actually the dry land/desertification is very easy to get rid of, either use a water tile or mountain tile on it. Water tiles are impossible to get rid of though, which makes no sense.

Also most buildings can't be deconstructed/destroyed. Bummer.