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wow, so, the radio signal at the start of the game was coming from near my hometown lol! Had a lot of fun trying to navigate there (though the driving controls were frustrating) and then died of starvation shortly after reaching my home town :P

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This tool is really neat! I have a feature request as well: it would be really great if we could right-click with the fill tool to flood-erase large areas of color- right now, if I want to import an image, removing the background is really tedious. Super cool that it supports importing though & pulls the color palette from the imported image!

your rendering style is still so so beautiful

ok yes :)

this makes me want to play more tabletop games 👀 it came out gorgeous!

its so so good everyone needs to play this game

Hi, we'd like to include Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor, thank you!

controller support yess thank you <3 i play most of my games on a big tv

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its so fun! physics can be quite glitchy, are those wheel colliders? I think the "plank" has like a misplaced collider or something, whenever I use it I immediately fly outside the map. thank you for making this i remember playing like shockwave tank battles or whatever a billion years ago & never realized the void it left in my heart <3

also online battle doesn't seem to be able to connect, despite the chat working

Sorry, yes, the game is still in development. We'll be open to sending out press keys closer to release, early next year :)


this rocks!! super engaging atmospheric for what it is, the art & audio is excellent

stunningly gorgeous. the lighting really sells this! are those clouds flow mapped? im in love

deeply moving tbh


Buying the game here on itch also gives you a download key for steam :)