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Thanks for your feedback :) working on it!

Thanks for wishlisting ! Phone/ tablet version can possibly happen, and is dependent on the PC launch. More information here:

Thanks for your feedback! Biome transitions are already implemented, but will be more visible in the full version :)

Thank you so much :) I guess buying the game and leaving a nice review when it is released is the perfect way to support our work! Sth like a sandbox mode is definetly planned and will come during early access.

Thanks for adding Dorfromantik to your wishlist :) helps us a lot!

Concerning a switch/mobile version we started a FAQ thread in the steam community hub, where we answer this and some more questions.

In case you wanna have a look:

Thanks for the extensive feedback, we are working on it :)

Hi OF5, thank you for commenting and you nice feedback.

1. YES Dorfromantik will have a free mode on release.
2. The balancing/difficulty is something we are still working on and we can't say definitve things but it will certainly offer a challenge. There will be new forms of quests. But we don't want to be too specific for now ;)

Thanks for playing and supporting!

We've uploaded a linux build of the Demo, we hope it works for you ;)

It's available NOW! ;)

Replied to the main thread, thanks for letting us know!

Hi we would like to add our soothing soft-strategy village building game "DORFROMANTIK" to the bundle.