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This looks amazing. I'm super excited for the game's future! 

I hope so. I've been trying to export the game for android for days now, and my computer simply crashes every single time I attempt it. But, I'm not giving up (even though I probably should at this point) :D!

Yay! I'm SO happy you like them :D! I bet they're going to like you too ;D.

Ah, I'm so happy to see that I'm not the only one who can appreciate feminine guys! I'm really glad you like him :)!

Also, your comment almost made me cry not only because of the happiness I felt upon seeing that someone likes Andrew, but also because... uh.... I'm a HUGE fan of yours. Is this awkward? Probably. But I just... I own all of your games on Steam and A Hand In Darkness was actually one of the games that made me want to create my own visual novel :'D. I'm trying to calm my fanboy heart, but it's difficult. You're... really awesome and stuff :'D...

(Seriously, I feel like I'm in my early teens again, disgusting :D)

Absolutely perfect ;)!

I can't even put into words how much this touched me. This comic is amazing - the story it tells is real ans true, the pacing is spot on, and the art is simply gorgeous. As someone who has been in a very similar situation before I really appreciate the way this relationship has been portrayed. Thank you.

That sounds absolutely fantastic :D!

That's a good one! And something I'll definitely include ;). And it's funny, because Radim's encounter with Marvin will kind of involve this kink :D.

Není zač :D! Jsem moc rád, že se líbí :D!

I love this game. Way too much. :D

I seriously cannot wait for this game to come out. I already backed it up on Kickstarter and played the demo a "few" times, and now I'm just going to have to somehow survive until it's finished :D. Seriously, grest job!

I can't wait to play the full version. Everything about this is perfect - the art is flawless, and everything fits together really well. If there is an option to support you by donating once the game is complete, you can count on me ;).

I loved this game SO much. Everything just came together so well, and I really enjoyed getting the different endings. Can't wait to see more games from you!

Simply amazing! It's obvioud how much effort went into this, and I loved every second of it!

Yes, thank you so much for hosting this, it was an experience of the lifetime for me :D! You are literally the reason why I decided to make my first game, and I'm incredibly grateful for that push. Plus, now I get to play all the other jam entries and enjoy all that muscly goodness! Life is good. 

I love this game, thank you for putting so much effort into it :). 

I just wanted to let you know that I came across an error in the new android version. It's nothing major but I thought I'd share the screenshot with you in case it might help. 

Cheers and thank you again for creating this game! 

Absolutely fantastic :)!

I know this is a very early demo and there's not too much going on yet, but... I LOVE THIS. Everything about it is perfect so far - I love the characters, the writing, and the art is absolutely fantastic. I can't wait to see more!

This look fun! I can't wait to see how this develops :).

I can't wait to see what happens next! Great job :)!

You did such an amazing job on this game, you should really be proud! And I love the text heavy approach, I think it suits the game perfectly :).

I have tried downloading and running it on another computer and it didn't give me the same error, so I'm honestly not sure what the problem might be. I'll ask a friend of mine who might have some insight on this, but if you'd like, you can email me at and I can send you the files without them being in the archive.

Oh boy, do I have some good news for you there :D. You will be able to choose the main character's appearance in the finished game. I currently have three versions ("fem" - which is this one / "jock" / "bear"). I just have to figure out how to implement it without blowing my own mind in the process.

This was so sweet in the strangest way, I don't know what to feel or think to be honest bro

Oh, that's  odd. It seems to work perfectly fine on my end. What kind of error do you get when you try to download the game?

You have no idea how much I feel that :'D. While I do have a computer now, it's just about the shittiest little laptop under the sun. Unfortunately the android version might take quite a while for that reason, because my computer freezes everytime I try to compile the game in that format. I'll keep working on it though! 

I have uploaded a Mac version now ;). I hope it works, but if it doesn't, just let me know and I'll work on fixing it right away. As for the android version - I'm running into some troubles with that, as my computer doesn't seem to be able to compile it without dying every time I try. I'll keep at it, but it might take a while. 

Thank you so much, that's really nice of you to offer :)! I will send you an email soon with the information :). 

Definitely :). I'm planning on playing with those after work today, so other versions might be available in about ten hours. 

This ticks off just about all my boxes :D. I can't wait to learn more about this project, it looks really awesome! 

This looks absolutely amazing. I can't wait to see more :).

Thank you for the warm welcome into this ;D. You're right, keeping it small will definitely help make this doable, so I'm going to try and reign myself in. Originally I planed to create a game with 10 differemt characters, but I lowered it down to three and I'm making progress. So there definitely will be a demo available in a few days, even if it's short and simple :).

And yes, "there's never enough bara" should definitely be a catch phrase :D.

Ah, I joined a little bit late, but I'm still going to do my best to create something in the following 12 days - there's simply never enough bara :D.