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very nice game, my highest score:

my game bugged out at wave 22 and I can't continue

its easy using ransom and keeping a balance coin amount like 20-32 and getting condensers are good
the only hard parts would be zone 1 2 and 3 after that its pretty easy
also duplicating shields is also good

beat the game finally unless theres a thing for every supermod at the same time

It keeps getting bugged and I can't destroy them, only drop them. When I destroy them they go from 0 to their normal size but negative and if I destroy them again it goes back.

When i used runic chisel it becomes destroyed status and when i crafted another one, it doesn't show but i can still use the old one. Then i tried to put it in a cart but it didn't work, same with everything else. When i right click on my items some of them don't have the option to drop them

can you make it so nimble doesn't activate when they get revived because its having me stuck in this stage for over 10 minutes

after so long i finally got one of the super mods down 4 more to go

is max attack speed 2.5?

as soon as i comment this my next run i beat the game lets gooooooo

whats a good build for this because i can't make it to 50

very fun game and i like the idea of it

beat the game on max difficulty catapult is very op

furnace gave 4 hp instead of 3 attack when you buy something

my shortest time:

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world record on trackpad 

i did this in school


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guys world record! 

edit: 34.8

edit 2: 34.5

wave 43

very good game got to level 20

very good game 

warrior attack doesn't work

sometimes when i get a revive and die it doesn't give me the option to revive

i cant move?


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in the new map chest that open don't drop anything and sometimes they stay there or just disappear.

i bought the arbelist except it only removed 7000 gold instead of what it said which is 10k gold

the game doesn't load

Can you add a "particles off/on" button because at the later levels it becomes really laggy

when i try to upgrade a cannon with burn on impact it crashes my game.

23 on my first try!