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For the kind of gaming you are talking about the manifesto part is very sensible and avoids a lot of the pitfalls of the tactical fighting genre. I'm afraid I didn't focus too much the SRD side as it's not simple to see what the game parts do in a vacuum. I would like to see it go all in on becoming a full game on its own merits rather than having the (great) manifesto part keep explaining why the game is so good.

I much prefer to run wealth similarly to how you do it. I struggled with this due to not really understanding the D&D economy. Great tool!

It took me a while to understand it but once it clicked I was there! It seems to indicate that each day is broken down in the same way, is that the intention?

I really like this. It looks like it'd make some great towers!

I love this. I have a real soft spot for approaches. Have a look at some of my designs! I think we might have a lot of priorities in common.

I'd love to see how advancement could work. Maybe each time you roll over and fail with each die you build up your stats.

Nice idea. This might work well with a game like Torchbearer where turns are tracked similarly.

I'd love to see this make it to one of our tables some day.

Well explained method of generating something spooky!

I take it this is for generating the next hex in the path of some party and not for making a hex map. 

Great idea. I really need a dice to tarot conversion as my household regards Tarot cards as sacred so not for games. But really I’d need more detail like a table to show how you are getting to each card. 

Does what it needs to. I too need this for when I do hexes. You could add another field for the number of hexes and compare the map are to  X square kilometres or however many football fields or say “about the size of France”.

Maybe you could use the shapes from my spherical dungeon template to easily rescale the world. 

Classic safety tools made really accessible to the whole table. 

A really hand tool for putting nearly everything onto an index card. I bet this is really useful to the right GM.

More involved than the solo roleplaying I’ve done. Some thought and care has gone into this. 

I like these lists of questions because they make you think about the answers without overwhelming you by trying to answer everything at once. I’ve seen random details plenty of time but this is more like a random emphasis.

I imagine this would help someone coming from a 5E background to understand the principles of a more old school style.

Took me a while to parse the problems and challenges. When a goblin makes a challenge by rolling a 1 the challenge effectively rated 1?

So the game starts with a goblin tackling the problem and they either fatigue themselves or they create a challenge or multiple new challenges.

If they created a challenge then the next player goes and either they solve the new challenge or create more.

Very sweet. I can see you love novels from the game itself as this is quite strong on the novel generation side of things.

A cute game but it kind of feels like you could automate playing it. Am I missing something in thinking that there are no decision for the player to make? 

Oh that's fun. I can just imagine pleading with a big ol' monster while it isn't ready to accept an apology.

Absolutely genius! Did you come up with the concept? 

Nice and straightforward. Do GM controlled characters follow the same rules for inflicting damage?

Nice concept! I've been working on a RPS RPG myself.

This is a really interesting game.  It evokes a theme of sinking lower and lower into a world that is hostile to you.

As the game goes on a group of mortals become a different group made up of fey characters. I was imagining mortals being humans as I read it but the situation is more open than that.

The game prompts you to come up with connections to the others or people in the outside world.  This would go on to create a priority for the mortal characters, which gives material for the fey characters, who have different priorities.

If I were to change anything it would be formalising how the mortal characters divert the fey's attention onto specific characters so that who rolls is not entirely at the whim of the way the group thinks.

Amazing that such a simple game can come with so much feeling. It's very heavily consequential for a decision to commit to a course of action that the characters made in the first scene.