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Nice concept! I've been working on a RPS RPG myself.

This is a really interesting game.  It evokes a theme of sinking lower and lower into a world that is hostile to you.

As the game goes on a group of mortals become a different group made up of fey characters. I was imagining mortals being humans as I read it but the situation is more open than that.

The game prompts you to come up with connections to the others or people in the outside world.  This would go on to create a priority for the mortal characters, which gives material for the fey characters, who have different priorities.

If I were to change anything it would be formalising how the mortal characters divert the fey's attention onto specific characters so that who rolls is not entirely at the whim of the way the group thinks.

Amazing that such a simple game can come with so much feeling. It's very heavily consequential for a decision to commit to a course of action that the characters made in the first scene.