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Yeah, the tutorial should do the trick. The icon give the basic ideas and it seems my guesses were right or at least close enough, but having confirmation is nice. 

Aah, I'm not the type, but I've enjoyed it so much I'll  leave an ACTUAL FEEDBACK.


So anyway...
1. Overall, it looks pretty sweet. And can I say I simply adore the background thing? I was actually pretty surprised at how much it changes in the game, especially your relationship with Paris. And I can't really say which one origin is a vanilla one, because every and each of them seem similarly developed.
2. Hm, I'm rather partial to Reaver!Ash/Paris dynamic - the snark is strong in this one.
3. No typoes, no sir!
4. In the full game I'd like to see full game - nothing more, nothing less.
5. I was slightly confused about dialogue thing? Kinda reminded me of Fallout 4 and it's "sarcastic" dialogue option. Perhaps if I was sure what every icon meant, it would be easier to gauge, but I'm not confident I got that right.

Nice game! I love the art and banter between MC and Triss is precious. But!(because there is always a "but") I have an issue with the maze and battle system: if you die and start a new game, you are back at 20 HP with means you die after one hit once more which is... well, a little annoying. Plus, have you considered making a walkthough(I know I'm repeating previous comment)? Cause I, for the love of God, can't get second and seventh ending.