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concept is simple and nice(*) and can be extended in different ways either puzzle or strategic fight.    it works on HTML version which is great! Thanks for sharing the entry! (*)no shoot but stay in a calm place or shoot but move and be exposed.

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"Simple" is a very nice compliment for me, Thx! :-)

Thx lazyio, happy that you enjoyed my little egg adventure! :-)

Thx bob, and yes wind force is like a gravity but not in imagination! :-) The egg work was made long time ago and I did not want to make a spaceship game so it was the perfect moment to use it!

The concept is easy to understand but a really nice idea! It's simple and original. A lot of effort in voice to make every trip a nice moment! A great game! 

A fun 2 player game.  it's already a nice experience to control the spaceship with zero G in that world and destroy your enemy. The spinning stars in background are totally mind blowing, we are sure that they move but they probably don't.. or maybe they do?... :-) Nice entry!

A new Tetris implementation! it's difficult to make something original in that field but you did it! Nice entry and a very kind adaptation to public to propose  an easier mode! Thx!

Simple and fun!  

Excellent game that match the zero gravity theme! Nice light effects and nice map with surprises in it that make it fun to play. Well done! 

One of the rare game of the jam with exactly zero gravity in all the game! Concept is nice and it works fine!  Also thank you for sharing the postmortem story of the game. Not using Box2D and making the collision yourself was certainly a nice challenge! Well done!

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I really love the slow motion "slightly drunk"  effect!  and have no clue how you did that but it's perfect ! GG!

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Totally in the theme of the jam playing with zero G and not zero G. As I would like the game to be a bit different, it's a clear sign that it's already a good game!  Astro Drifter is maybe a bit small, the Gravity "On/off" information a bit dark,  on some curves we would like speedx2 or x4 button and move the camera to follow the drifter when it goes out of the screen. Anyway, really nice concept and enjoyable game ! Well done!

I adore puzzle and those ones are cool. The design with hero coming from southpark is coherent and clean! Really great game in the gravity theme. Well done!

Cool game with a mix of Mouse and Wasd keyboard gameplay. Some upgrade capacity and bad ennemies! Not so far in the idea from the more experienced "Bad force"  entry. It's playable and enjoyable. Well done! 

nice old school pixel art - Level 0 game is not so easy as monster are attacking! it's playable, there is a goal, it's in the theme. I give it a 10 fountains of win out of 10 fountains of win! 

Excellent game. It's a game like AudioSurf which I like a lot  and the sound of blue ball boost  is magic!  For a first 3D game in one week, it's incredible! GG!

graphics are extremely clean. physics is good. Not easy to release the correct propulsor when upside down, that's cool. It's really close to propose some nice discovery challenge.  (like collect maximum gem without touching asteroids in a given time... ) Nice effort totally  in line with the theme!

Excellent immersive space battle. Not really convinced by the zero gravity concept so far but it's not a problem. Music is fun, sounds are extremely fun like old warcraft "Yes my lord!" . Levels are difficult, I didn't finnish yet the game , probably  increase sniper to range 2 and damage 2 early is not the way...  I must say that I like it and will try to finnish it!  GG!

Thanks 64kb - physics is powered by Box2D... It's magic how this library is helpful!

nice characters, fun game,  excellent music! Only issue is that computer is too strong for me...  Anyway I will come back and beat it!  Nice game as always!

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I like a lot the minimalist splash screen and also the blue box representing a menu.

The game in itself has many ways to be enhanced. Already, the display is smooth, I like the perfect zoom in/out with mouse wheel. I like also the movement of enemies which is already quite nice and unpredictable. Game to be continued?

it's playable, it's in the theme. This Alice seems a bit gothic and like mushrooms which is totally fine for me! :-) Excellent for a one week effort GG!

as always, excellent music! another game to destroy  my keyboard like with the bananas  it's fun :-) Conclusion of the game :  Alice's Kick  is quite powerful!

Excellent, thanks for the french keyboard attention!  the idea a bit like tower defense strategy revisited is really cool.Amazing game for a one week effort. I would like probably more strategy need (rabbit more skills with time) and single player mode but that's an excellent sign that idea is cool to have players wanting more! :-) 

It matches exactly the theme!! Really nice "multiple" different little games. maybe a bit easy first  ones and not sure I understand very well the "find a seat" . Anyway the way it's an amazing one week game! congrats!

the design between a dark Alice and a Little Red Riding Hood is extremely immersive and beautiful, good job...  Also probably some nice  work to make random level generation! GG

thank you for playing! In fact, this is a chill game that takes time... see below groxar performance time. So in 10 minutes doing 2 pixel Art is fine. ArtyNeuron your pixel art expert explain you some stuff in the intro but I will add some words on the presentation page,  it could help some people like you to start. Thanks for the feedback!

Excellent, will be difficult to beat! Addition to the high score system done.  1 hour for 12 pixel art pattern is quite quick!  If you want to discover the remaining pixel art and messages, I recommend to play the desktop version that save and let you continue your progress.

You are right with regards to the "not standard Tetris" proposed.  I have to make an update to comply more with ISO 9001 guide of Tetris   here :  that I discovered today. Thank you for the kind feedback!

They did it again! 

The full review of all the Jam games in an extremely  fun video :

Thanks  to Raeleus and DragunQween for those 3 hours and 26 minutes of pure kindness to developers!

I really suspect that some games and  musics were fighting against our showman and showgirl energy to make them sleep but they manage to review everything as professionals!

 Again good job and Thank you!

This is a cool effect with certainly nice programming methodology to keep good rendering. I wish you could propose a game next time!

Well done! Graphics and animations are amazing! I like it a lot!

Great game idea for 2 players. Excellent quality game on 2 screens . I imagine that it can be even more fun and stressfull on the right   with a "seek and find" game that would provide some time of fire bonus on the left.. . 

the snow effect is perfect!

Impressive graphical effects, good job!

peaceful colored box moving slowly in the night is well made to help discovering enlightenment. This game is definitely an astonishing  pumpkin life experience...

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Superb music and banana animation! I have to admit that the green banana is quite clever. I played it again and only problem is that I am destroying the "Space" key of my keyboard... Lot of fun!

let's hope that was part one of the Game Title 2  effort! Main character animations are great, world different characteristics  also,  it can become something really nice!

Good job again! I discovered that La Femme Dragonne needed to shoot some developer to have a nice sleep. Raeleus definitely has a dangerous life...