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(GAME BREAKING) Every time I buy a new island, by game becomes incredibly laggy. Once I buy about 6, my game becomes unplayable

When I try to magnify the window, the game crashes (I'll post a crash log once I re-create it)

Trees and rocks spawn on top of each other

An invisible block spawned in-front of one of my smelters and I can't break it

When I buy 4 islands, the game lags really hard and there's no way to improve performance.

I don't have very many fish traps, and I always harvest them whenever they catch something. Also, I always pick up items on the ground.

If somebody knows how to fix, please tell me!

On Steam, it just says "Fall 2018"

I was expecting it to come out a few weeks ago, but it still hasn't.  :/

Maybe the devs are planning something awesome!

I've heard that it's a very common bug that happens once you buy your fourth island. I don't know how to fix it, though.