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I don't envy you guys trying to figure out what's causing it and find a fix for it, memory leaks can be so damn hard to identify unless you know exactly what's causing them. Even having a general idea can involve a dozen wild goose chases, I'll never forget the many hours I worked on one trying to work out how hair textures were causing it when the whole time it was a quest item causing a sorting bug in the inventory that was invisible to the player.

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Wandering NPC's can get stuck in a loop where they reset every time you enter and exist a new territory and getting them unstuck can be a real pain. I had that same problem with Pirate Princess.

Bird H Scene doesn't work for me either.

The game has a memory leak that can slowly build up over a few hours, and the engine can't handle more than 2gb of memory at a time, so when assets stop loading it's a good sign to restart the game before it crashes. Restarting it resets the memory usage to normal.

The icon at the farm indicates which princess controls the farm, often a good indicator that the Insect Kingdom is about to arrive is when the Insect Princess starts controlling it.

Try using 7zip or Winrar, Winzip doesn't work with a lot of compressed folders.

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It depends on the inn. If you sleep at Faun's tavern it progresses to the next day, but if you sleep at a normal inn normally it just advances time a few hours.

If you're at the Seashell and it's stuck, you may have to exit all the way to the world map and just wait until it gets dark if it doesn't advance while you're in the area. Try going into options and shortening day length if it doesn't seem to be working.

Also, if you're playing a new game, I remember being confused when my first day never ended but I think it wanted me to do one of the beginner level guild quests first.

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Edit: Oh Cool, and you can do it with a controller by holding the Right Z Trigger.

Just commenting again to say how much I love this game and everything you did with it and look foward to it's full release. If it had a custom game icon I'd have a really hard time even telling it was an RPGmaker game, it has big Earthbound vibes too :D

And controller support.
And put the game on Steam for like $4.99 there's a thriving smut market on Steam now.
No really, there is.
Let putting it on Steam to make Steam Money be motivation to do a little update for it.
Trust me it'll reach a larger audience and you'll get paid. Trust me god damn it. TRUST ME *sobs*

Incidentally I was trying to google a layout of the controls when I found this.

The controls are somewhat mysterious because there's no easy way to see them and it's weird that there's no controller support.

Often the Day Night cycle pauses while you're in a town or in dialogue, or it will advance only a fixed amount of time. Try exiting out to the world map, or alternately, sleep at an inn to pass the time.

If it gets stuck on the overworld map, go into options and adjust day length then travel between maps a couple of times.

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Rabbit Vineyard Daycare or Faun's Tavern

Great game but dear god sometimes the text scenes are overly long and painful to sit through after you've already read them, especially those two Mouse Princess ones.

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Oh ok thank you, I was confused by the demo tag but I think I understand now. When it's finished I hope you sell it on GoG I will definitely buy it twice (once on Steam when my system is repaired, once on GoG for my niece), the Demo is amazing.

Ok this may seem like an extremely dumb question but how do I buy the full game? I try looking for it in google and all I find are demo links.

And, if it's on steam, is there any alternative to Steam? Because, I know it's not on GoG, but I'm having issues with my steam account right now.

Mainly, I want to keep this specific computer in offline mode to preserve my settings because I converted it to controller operated gaming console

And my other newer much better computer is being sent in for repairs after Total War: Warhammer 3 melted my GPU, so I thought this might be a fun game to play in the meantime.