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Ok this may seem like an extremely dumb question but how do I buy the full game? I try looking for it in google and all I find are demo links.

And, if it's on steam, is there any alternative to Steam? Because, I know it's not on GoG, but I'm having issues with my steam account right now.

Mainly, I want to keep this specific computer in offline mode to preserve my settings because I converted it to controller operated gaming console

And my other newer much better computer is being sent in for repairs after Total War: Warhammer 3 melted my GPU, so I thought this might be a fun game to play in the meantime.


It's still in development. There's currently no definitive release date, but it'll definitely be at least a few months yet, sorry!

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Oh ok thank you, I was confused by the demo tag but I think I understand now. When it's finished I hope you sell it on GoG I will definitely buy it twice (once on Steam when my system is repaired, once on GoG for my niece), the Demo is amazing.